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25 Dec 2012

Paris Revisit

Merry Christmas everyone! It is the most happening Christmas as this is the first Christmas after the end of the world & I am probably already in my dreamland with my current squeeze Pierre or Francios. Hahahaha. Anyway, I am gonna tell you a story, a love story between Paris & I. It started 13 years ago, when i was a child.....

4 years ago, the summer of 2008, i was almost 19 & i made my first visit to Paris. Paris is always a city i would love to visit ever since i saw the drawing of Eiffel Tower in my uncle's house. Since then i made a promise to myself that i am going to go with someone i love. How naive was i? I was 10 then. Fast forward 9 years, i was lucky enough to visit Paris with someone i love.

Paris was a disaster. It was too warm (I had no idea why I had the jacket on even though I still think I look cool), i was crazy obsessed with my stupid hair. I was young & not to forget look chubbier than I am now & i took everything for granted but i am thankful for D to be there.

Even so, Paris gave me a bad impression, dirty underground, dirty streets, british are angels compared to Parisian. But again, i had been to Paris, even if the experience aren't as i expected, im glad i've been there.

Fast forward another 4 years, D & I are no longer together, the someone i loved & went to Paris with are no longer together. Things changed. A lot. The last time Paris was warm, this time Paris was cold & wet. Last time, Paris was a whole mess. Now, Paris is still messy but I am a whole mess.

Eiffel tower was brown the last time i saw, Eiffel tower is now bright with lights & glistening in the dark sky. It was perfect. But this time i wasn't here with someone i love. I guess u can't have everything perfect. Perfect weather, perfect feeling, perfect settings, wrong person. Don't get me wrong, my cousin was great companion but i would like to go with someone i love. The experience was great. I met people that taught me to be more of a lady and let the men to be gentlemen, like allowing them to do the honour of holding doors.

I learnt to say bonjour, bonsoir & au revoir pretty good. I learnt to pronounce Champs-Elysees correctly. I learnt that Holiday Villa (you can check if you don't believe me) is owned by Malaysian company. Hahaha.

Pictures coming out soon. I nearly didn't want to come back to London. It was perfect, the windows sill & the tiny balcony. (I totally forgot to take picture of the window sill with me sitting looking all artistic). 

You know, something like that.

                                                  Source: http://everybodyishotisdead.blogspot.co.uk/2009/07/bastille-day.html 

Anyway, i like Paris now. It was everything i imagined. The cold weather & the romantic air - smelling nothing of pee (I am kidding, the metro in Paris smells like pee). Most importantly, its different. Its a different experience compared to the one D & I took few years back. I am more patient now. That being said, I will never regret the trip 4 years ago, just because it doesn't last forever, it still make me who i am today. I wouldnt change a thing about it.

Mr Butterscotch, i hope our trip to Paris' memory would be great & last me a life time. Although i always know that i would end up marrying someone else instead of u. Perhaps a French? Hahahahahaha. Nah, British accent is still the cutest to me.

Au revoir for now. 

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