Written while Drunk on Thoughts

19 Dec 2012

Mr Butterscotch

Hmm...where to start? Not much explanation to do really, he loves pecan butterscotch. There is where the nickname comes from.

Just wanna say thanks for everything. I love those cards, bracelet (materialistic me like this most) but the one that caught my surprise was the Hello Kitty stickers you got me. I always wanted to get the stickers for a long time but it cost £1.49, i mean really, that doesn't even worth £0.99, let alone that price.

Imagine my surprise when I got this.

I don't really remember how it goes because I was busy walking to the cinema with my cousin, chatting happily on the way. It is not until I got to the cinema that I realised I have a message with a gift, while I was in the midst of buying popcorns from the bar. I didn't really think it cost money, I just click to receive and was completely surprise when I saw Hello Kitty stickers. Even my cousin saw it and ask whether I bought, when I told her I didn't, she said & I quote "I thought Hello Kitty need to pay?".

Busted. Hehehe. But before any of you thinks I am too cute for liking Hello Kitty, I guess I am unpredictable. Hehe. Here are a few pictures of the very cute-sy Hello Kitty stickers.

This gift is the sweetest & most surprise yet small gift that I've ever gotten. Also a gift that I've gotten without my approval but yet, I still like it. Thanks, Mr Butterscotch. I really love them.


  1. WOW MEL! you and Hello Kitty! Unexpected lol

  2. Hahaha, I do like Hello Kitty but selectively...hehe