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13 Dec 2012

Winter Wonderland

Went to Winter Wonderland yesterday with classmates. My memory of Winter Wonderland is cold, extremely cold and I am downright grumpy with the coldness....not fun. So this time when my friend asked to go, I rather unwillingly said yes (honest =p) but its not nice to say no and since it is after exams, I have no excuse to say no.

Dressing rather thickly, I took out my extra thick scarf, put on an extra layer and left for Winter Wonderland, having little expectation. First thing that greeted me is a huge ass WINTER WONDERLAND sign which is a tad too bright in my opinion (iphone did a good job capturing), when you take picture against it, all you can see is the silhouette of 2 person posing for picture, but that can be anyone.

you see what I mean? We actually coordinate our jeans to match the christmas mood (me red, Ipek in green) but its rather redundant...

The weather is still cold, that is the same as 4 years ago but things got interesting, let the picture speak for themselves.

I am so tempted to get up the carousel but I am too cheapskate to pay for it. =)

A fireplace to bake your hands warm, my hands feel like it is gonna fall off any second because I am a genius, I did not even have a glove with me.

Paulo and Liam gladly pose for me, all I had to do is point the camera at them. Easy. =)

Huge ass cooker I wish I could lie on top then, being outdoors for more than half an hour is a torture, my respect to them working there.

Lorelai and Rory gave marzipan a bad name. It taste better, really. And look how pretty it is.

My companions for the evening.

First time trying mulled wine, I don't really know what difference between mulled or non-mulled wine. To me, mulled wine taste like red wine but its hot. I rather like this picture of me.

I had fun this time and I am so glad I said yes and go through it. Shivering in the cold is still the same as 4 years ago but 4 years on, Winter Wonderland improved, I improved. My companions improved. I made a new memory and I love it. This encouraged me to go out more. Oh, London, what wonders (no pun intended) you had on me.

Thats all for now, am debating whether to bring my laptop along for Paris trip to occupied myself during the long nights....another memory in the making.



  1. Please bring laptop to Paris XD

    1. I will... I get you tinie tiny souvenir ya?