Written while Drunk on Thoughts

29 Mar 2014

5 Stages of Grief - Stage FOUR: Depression


Persistent sadness.
Lasted for days and weeks.

Living in her very own bubble.
Shutting herself off from the world.
All the emotions in the world: Joy, confusion, happiness, disgust and love.

She was left feeling unmotivated.
Having given up on the world.
Her favourite activity is to sleep the pain away.

She loses out a lot.
Though its one step closer to moving on,
It’s the most difficult baby step to take.

Without knowing all she has to do is to let go.


26 Mar 2014

5 Stages of Grief - Stage THREE: Anger


Ticking time bomb.

Blaming and fingers pointing.
To soothe the soul,
to push the heavy weight of responsibility away.

But instead,
Burdening herself with stressful emotion.
Releasing fury on anything that crossed her path.

She tries to convince herself that pain is an ingredient of maturity,
But can only come up with “is it worth the hype?”

Foe of forgiveness.
She decides that she is not the master of her own heart.
She decided to be angry.


23 Mar 2014

5 Stages of Grief - Stage TWO: Self-Doubt


Your sudden absence sparks self-doubt.
Desperate to keep everyone,
she doubts her existence.

Imagination runs wild.
“Why does this happen to me?” she said
“Am I the reason why?” she said

Self-doubt is a double-edged sword.
A dash of it helps her to grow,
Taking it excessively will risk self-esteem and confidence.

Too stubborn to realise
She is merely a speck of dust in the universe,
powerless against most incidents.


20 Mar 2014

5 Stages of Grief - Stage ONE: Denial


A physical and emotional hoarder,
people and feelings are her keepsakes.
But the cycle of life is a cruel matter.

Letting go is a personal torture.
Denial is a sugar-coated hell.
Dismissing the elephant in the room.
A shield that protects her from excruciating pain.

When the shield crumbles and the sugar melts,
Feelings erupt like an active volcano.

Destruction disguising as protection.


19 Mar 2014


Don't be. I felt that I owed it to concern friends to have this post before I go full-on "emotional" with my poems.

I recently was introduced poetry writing by my Creative Writing tutor and had written quite a few poems ever since. Having previously studied Shakespeare's poems in school, I was put off writing poems solely because of the rigid RULE in writing one. After being exposed to more modern and less "rule-obeyed" poems, I find writing poem much more challenging than stories.

To me, writing poem is trying to convey my message with considerably fewer lines than stories. Putting together words that made the strongest impact and leaving some room for imagination are the most challenging part of it. And of course, the best part of writing poem.

All the poems are not exactly fictional but it does not reflect my current situation. So, concern family, friends and reader, DON'T BE. Its all for creative purposes, no heart was broken in the process.

14 Mar 2014

Empty Promise

Empty promise

You made me a promise 6 full moons ago.
You will never leave, you promised

You kept your promise.
I was the one that made you broke your promise once
By making silly mistakes.

Being the compassionate person that you are
You gave me another chance
"Be all in or get all out"

Even after what I've done, you kept your promise
I knew by then I want you forever.

But when I decided to uphold that sacred promise together with you, you turned my world upside down.
You are sorry that you cant keep your promise to me, 
For you had promised not to leave someone else before me.

Then I understood.
The promise is always empty.
You broke the promise.
You never plan to honour the promise.