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28 Jun 2013

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part IV

The Nonsense series continues - Conversation series

Disclaimer: These are conversation between my new friends and I, it consist of either jokes or experiences shared, I find those conversation amusing and funny so I decided to share it with you.


The First train home, not the Last train back

Dr Red Nose: " C and I were at this conference in Vienna a while back and we decided to go out a night."

The next day afternoon, while attending the conference in the afternoon...

C: "Why do I feel like shit? Didn't we get the last train back?" (Last train are usually around 12am, with 1am being the latest)

Dr Red Nose: "No! We took the First train home at 5 am this morning."

C: "That explains that."


Having dinner, me having a problem deciding what to eat 

Dr Red Nose: "Have you decided?"

Me: "Nope, how about you?"

Dr Red Nose: "Ya, I am having a salad."

Me looking at him confused, if me - a short moderately active and healthy eating girl - is planning to have a burger, he - a 6 foot man that plays football and frequent the gym - should not be having a salad.

Me: "If I am having a burger, you are not having a salad."

Dr Red Nose: "Well, its bikini season, I want to get bikini body ready."

Me: "Ahh.... Are you going sunbathing anytime soon?"

Dr Red Nose: "Nope."

Me: " Are you going somewhere for vacation that involves wearing bikini?"

Dr Red Nose: "Nope."

Me: "Well then..."

Dr Red Nose: "I just like to wear bikini and look pretty at home, alone."

And here I was, always thought scientists are boring.


Out of nowhere, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

C: " Whats that you are going on and on about?"

D: "Meow meow meow, its a song about a cat."

C searched on iphone for the youtube clip and showed it to all of us ---> Nyan cat

For the rest of the evening, thats our theme song and its forever embedded in all of our mind

This is a clip of it.


24 Jun 2013

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part III - Thai Food

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part II

If I haven't said enough that I absolutely love my experience away from home, I hereby announced that no matter what downs that I went through living in London, the ups more than compensated for it.

In the past 3 weeks, I've learnt more new language than I did for the past 5 years. Thai, French and some German, mostly alcohol related however. =) I also learnt about what you do if you happen to be a Phd student studying Astro Physics and what you do to give back or contribute (or rather to plot a world wide demolition) to humanity with your expertise. I've learnt what Phd student(s) do during their free time and also Jack Daniels taste like coffee - I might had find my drink.

I came from a line of business experts. My friends are either lawyers or accountants or filthy rich heir and heiress that will inherit their parents' corporation someday. It is a breath of fresh air when it comes to meeting scientists and to find out that scientists had more fun than us business experts. In Cider Man's defence, Astro Physicists are more fun than normal Physicists. Fair enough, they study planets and horoscopes, what's not interesting about horoscope and planets right?

Back to the main topic here. Thai Food. Or food in general, humans bond over dining. Chinese are famed for their huge celebration where a 3-days / 7-days feast were held. That was ancient Chinese or you are filthy rich. Alcohol is never a stranger to Western cultures where drinking alcohol is not only limited to special occasions but on a daily / weekly basis or whenever they feel like it.

Thai food is quite similar to Chinese food, although Chinese food differs according to provinces in China and countries. Certain provinces in China are famed for their ability to eat spicy food. There's a Chinese saying that goes "四川人不怕辣,湖南人怕不辣" - which translates into people from Si Chuan aren't afraid of spicy food but people from Hunan are afraid that food are not spicy. While other provinces has saltier food and others make wonderful dessert. Thai food is definitely on the spicy side - which is also where my weakness is.

Personally I am a dessert person but if its good enough, I would not decline food from any nutritional / taste group. But I am never a big fan of spicy food. Main reason is that my parents taught us not to drink whilst eating to avoid being full before we are actually full. But with spicy food, I need lots and lots of water to keep the "spicyness" down. But due to my parents teaching, I never really associate water / drinks with eating, its is always AFTER the meal. Due to this, I tried to avoid spicy food that would make me reach for water with every bite.

However, gluttony is my other weakness. So when asked to have any food together, I will never say no. We planned on a trip to Thai restaurant before Pretty Girl goes home for the month. I am always a lazy person that would not fuss about the ingredients that I have in my food. If I could do without in the spices that would "bring out the taste" or to make "different layers of taste" in my food, I would gladly eliminate it. More than often, in contradiction to my gluttony nature, my food requires only the microwave and toaster to get it cooked.

Here are some pictures from the night (Addie's Thai Restaurant), I apologise for not having enough pictures, I was too busy enjoying myself. =) Needless to say, I love the papaya salad. I am not a cooking genius and don't quote me on this, but I tasted green mango, mango that are not thoroughly ripe and is on the sour side, but of course I could be wrong.

And there's Pretty Girl helping us with the Tom Yam soup.
From top to bottom: Mussel dish, Asparagus dish, Weeping Tiger and Papaya salad.

Despite the fact that I am not very good in enjoying spicy food. I enjoyed the food and watching Cider Man sweat through half of the dinner while Dr Red Nose was as cool as he could ever be. Both Europeans, both react amazingly different to spicy food. In between all that, trying to look as normal as possible with a runny nose (from the spicy food).

To explain the Weeping Tiger dish, a beef dish with a very interesting story behind it - it was said that this part of the cow is so good that when a tiger eats it, the tiger weeps. The taste and texture of the beef is so tender and good, best of all, it is not spicy. =p

Dessert that doesn't look as attractive as French pastries or macarons but the taste of it does give it a run for its money. Asian desserts such as Hong Kong style bean curd, Malaysian Cendol, Thai's Mango Pudding, none of them looks as presentable as a tiramisu or a black forest. But when it comes to taste, you could have endless supply of bean curd and never get sick of it but the thick creamy texture of black forest and the sweetness of macarons, one just can't have too many. So its suffice to say that as I prefer bread as my main intake of carbohydrate, when it comes to desserts, my favourite will always be Asian desserts - less calories, more nutritional qualities.

Needless to say, we ended up in the pub again. Hehe. Dr Red Nose was yawning on the way there (it was about 30 minutes tube ride from east to west London) and back, but after the word pub was mentioned, the yawning ceased. The power of the word PUB, one really can't underestimate it.

Because the colour is just so pretty - with a pretty background.
One Brazilian, one Blue Lagoon, one Toffee Apple cider and a sip of Whisky and coke concluded the wonderful night of spicy food. Two days later, Pretty Girl took a 13 hour plane ride back home and I am stuck working on my dissertation, missing the weekly pub outing, which also means that the nonsense took a one week break, hopefully there is more to come.

Till then ....

19 Jun 2013

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part II

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part I

Things do not stop there. We also eat ourselves into knowing new people. It feels pretty good, with just 500 calories, I obtained 2 fully grown man and am still recovering from the craziness.

One fine day after my second last exam, I was telling Pretty Girl that I planned to go jogging, although that was a tentative plan. She wanted to join to be healthier, which forces me to make it into an actual plan. Thank you very much.

The jogging was fine, its more like talking, walking and jogging. We talked, we laughed, we stopped for pictures and then we talk again. After a long walk and a visit to The Departure (an art community centre) where I got 2 second hand books for £3.50.  We decided to go for dinner and she came up with Half Moon as a suggestion. I naturally would not say no unless I am very uncomfortable. So, Half Moon it is.

Half Moon is a pub near the university and is usually plague with university students looking to socialise or simply to get a meal because we can't bother to prepare our own meal. We live near the university so naturally that was an obvious choice. Even though she was conscious of her appearance, we decided to stew in our own sweat and went for dinner without changing into clean clothes.

I ordered chicken and she ordered steak. Dessert was wonderful and we gave strawberry cider a go (Not my cup of cider, I must say) Then we spotted Cider Man, having cider with his 2 friends. First remark from Pretty Girl is that Dr Red Nose looks hot (Ok fine, he is the hottest Dr I know so far). Cider Man invited us to their table and this is how we get to know Cider Man abit more and Dr Red Nose along with a very impressive Mandarin speaking Dr D (he is not Chinese but spent 2 years in Taiwan). London continued to surprise me with every decision I made. Let me get this clear, I like my own bubble very much, I am almost uncomfortable to meet new people. But in the attempt on reinventing myself, my priority is to do things that seems fun but am extremely uncomfortable in doing. Should we be abit more shy that we are, we would not know Dr Red Nose and Dr D. They are real life Big Bang Theory characters – physicists. Ok, maybe not yet a Dr but they are a Phd nearer than me to being a Dr.

Cider Man is a British, Pretty Girl is a Thai, Dr Red Nose is an Austrian and me, a Malaysian. Unlike other Europeans, Dr Red Nose is a fan of spicy food and his knowledge on spicy food is much deeper than mine. Together we made plans to have Thai Cuisine the second time we meet. Pretty Girl took along another pretty girl, which is also Thai. That makes us 5 people from 4 nations.

So, where did the nonsense come from? Alcohol is always a common bonding beverage, but when you are in Europe, its more common than water or coffee. Pub is always the default hang-out place and you go to pub whenever you feel bored or just cause. Naturally, when there is booze, there are nonsense and nonsense it is. We talked about nonsense. We act and behave like it. But to be fair, the nonsense mostly comes from Pretty Girl and me.

Due to the cultural differences between all of us, a Western European, an Eastern European with a mixture of 3 young Asian girls throw in some booze, conversations goes wild. Pardon me for forgetting most of it, I was under the influence of alcohol. But its suffice to say that, if I could not drink before, I am well under training.

Cider Man once said "I am gonna make an alcoholic out of you". I must say - Well done, you are doing a good job.

P.S Pretty Girl - Thanks for being the best audience to my jokes and my lame attempts of adding unconventional adjective to literally everything. =)

16 Jun 2013

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part I

It all started about nine months ago, when I first embarked on my second experience on living abroad for more than a year, away from home.

Without much choice, I moved into a student accommodation with 4 other strangers. Gradually one by one, I met them all. There’s Pretty Girl at room A, Albert at Room B, Anar at Room C, me at Room D and Gavin at Room E. 

I considered myself really lucky because unlike my previous experience on living in a student accommodation, no one steals my food perhaps because we are mature students (Mature being the operative word) and there's only 5 of us, its not difficult to find out who's the culprit. 

I wasn’t someone that will get close with the flatmates. Reason being if I hate him or her, I can’t live with him / her. To avoid drama, I separate my friends with people I live with. Also why I can’t be friends with my family. You learnt about their bad habits and their personal (very annoying or anal) preference. 

Somehow, I really like Pretty Girl from Room A, I think we share a lot of things but is at the same time very different to create a spark. But, determined to have friends further from home, she never came under my radar. We have a fair share of Thai(s) in Malaysia and one of the main experiences of studying abroad is to meet people from ALL AROUND the world. Thailand is simply not far enough for me.

Time flies, I am now finished with my exams and am now working on my dissertation. Even though I hate to admit it, a boy got Pretty Girl and me closer together. We talked about boy trouble (also an issue I tried to separate myself from) and realised that we are more similar than we thought.

With a plan on hand, we started this wonderful and rather short but extremely intense journey of friendship. Our first stop was Shaka Zulu, we had Crocodile and Ostrich meat, I absolutely loved the experienced even though we are lost and it was raining. Soon after (the next day), we made plans to go to Borough Market. Even though I’ve been there before, I said yes because I was there just briefly the previous time.

We had so much fun but being me, I refused to be close to anyone, not someone that will be going on separate ways after a few months. After the 2 life experiences with bitches, I decided that girls do not make good friends and never had any close girl friends ever since, it had been almost 8 years now. Then comes along Pretty Girl, perhaps the universe is giving me a chance to obtain a girl friend.

Unknowingly, I got myself deeper and deeper into the pit, lets just say, I got addicted to her, while hating it (I do not like to rely too much on people - lesson learnt from former boyfriend). I think what I don’t feel all these years, I am actually very desperate to make it up with her and she plays her part really well, she did make an effort towards the “friendship”, I see a future with her in it.  She would invite herself to my jogs, even though I do not mind going by myself, a company is always good.

So, we basically jog ourselves towards a deeper and crazier friendship. 

In case you are wondering, this is Pretty Girl. 

Oh wait, not this, this is Gavin.

To be continue.....

13 Jun 2013

Crocodile and Ostrich

Recommended by the very friendly management of my building, this is my first time trying African food blessed with crocodile, ostrich and zebra meat. The meat doesn't get more exotic than these.

The restaurant - Shaka Zulu is located at Camden, a very hip area in London full of character from young people. Think 1970s' power in the 21st century.

The restaurant is just like Africa - mystery yet intriguing, welcoming but distant at the same time. Long story short, food are exquisite. Crocodile and ostrich meat are really similar to beef but Crocodile meat is slightly harder but in a good way while ostrich texture is like a slightly cooked steak when its medium rare.

I really think the sugar stick is a very special way to "store" sugar rather than in the usual sugar packets or sugar jar. To end the special meal that brought me to Africa, I ordered a cup of english breakfast tea to whipped me back to reality.

I will definitely go back to the restaurant and try all different exotic meat that is otherwise scarce elsewhere.

10 Jun 2013

The end of an era

The end of an era wouldn't be the same with alcohol. Although with a 2 year gap, I think I am officially done with education. Pursuing further was originally in my mind but I ruled out the possibility once I realised that although I love learning, I prefer to do it the other way now. So, yes, its the end of an era. No going back, no more studies.

To mark the end of exams, Malaysians would probably go for a movie and hang out in a coffee place then hit the clubs at night. Here things are done a bit differently. We sit under the sun to get our "life" back because we were all pale and frail after the exam. Adding a little bit of colour to ourselves isn't a bad idea.

So, a friend of mine suggested Barbecue to take in the sun. Thats the culture difference. They love the sun. I love the sun now but haven't always been a fan of the sun because I came from a hot country where the only season we have is Summer. If we are permitted, we will be wearing bikini top everywhere we go.

But interestingly enough, I once met a British that claims our buses are too cold and he needs a sweater when travelling around by bus. Well, we do love our air-conditioning. Air-conditioning is as common as heater. Its almost a MUST even though human had went through the heat surviving only by fan but I think air-conditioning is a way of lying to yourself by pretending that you could enjoy the cold as the 4 seasons countries does. At least I know I do. I used to stuck my head in the freezer pretending that its winter and always get excited when there are "mist" coming out of my mouth when the weather gets too cold.

Anyway, after spending 4 years abroad and a few trips to the cold nations, I start to appreciate the sun bit by bit. England is famed with its gloomy, cloudy weather. At times, I wish I were at home. The long awaited Summer is here and this is what we do.

When accompanied by the sun, the wind seems pleasant but when the sun hides behind the cloud, we had to put on our sweater at times due to the chilly wind. My Norwegian friend was made fun of,  because due to his upbringing in Norway, he shouldn't feel cold, not compared to us Tropical girls. This marks the end of exam, there is still dissertation to work on. But for now, I will enjoy the sun, enjoy the company, good beverage and good mood. =)

7 Jun 2013

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

But I think Men are from Mars and Women are from another alternate universe. Its so far off that there is no connection between the 2 of them except both are homo sapiens, perhaps Women are not even homo sapiens, they are homo sapiena. Lame joke.

Recently, although I had been quite neutral about love relationships because I don't think I want any drama in my life, but looks like I didn't trouble trouble, trouble troubles me. Here goes the cliff notes version.

Girl met boy, girl feels boy was interested, girl found out that boy has a girlfriend, girl dismissed her feelings, girl's friend feels that boy was interested too, girl confused. You know the whole nine yard. 

I am so faithless that this didn't bother me anymore. Being the good friend, listening and occasionally providing my opinion should be the only thing I could provide. Whilst listening, my own experience was replaying again and again in my head.

Not long ago, I was knee deep in relationship situation, I am now so skeptical that I had to constantly remind myself that I am simply too young to feel the way I am feeling. I can't say I am unhappy because I am having the time of my life here in London. Things that I never expect I would be doing in a million years, I've done it all, experienced everything legal under the sun. I knew it doesn't get better than this.

Anyway, back to this friend of mine. Although I didn't know her for long, I feel for her. I thought I could just shut off like that but I couldn't. Seeing her in the dilemma of letting the guy know about how she feels when there's a moral conflict in her, I wish I could do more for her.

I suppose life goes on, I sincerely hope for her that in the future there would be a guy that showed interest in her is available for her to pursue.

4 Jun 2013

25 random facts about me

While logging in Facebook for the first time in months with a mission on hand, hoping to enlarge my Empire of friends, I came across this. This was posted February 2009 and funny how things changes.

1. I love my BB atm, but thinks I might like it for a while.
2. I love my new gadgets.
3. I am wondering why is the weather so perfect when I chose to stay at home, but is always sucky when I need to go for lectures.
4. I love Starbucks a lot but try to avoid it to avoid overdose in caffeine.
5. I enjoy my double bed.
6. I still find there's novelty in having my own hoodie with my own name on it.
7. I am annoyed by the lecturer that always assume we don't understand when what we really are doing is refuse to open our mouth and answer her questions.
8. I am wondering when will it start to get warmer.
9. I am wondering when will my troubled days be over.
10.I love the story or legend or mystery about Anastasia, the lost Russian princess.
11. My all time favourite movie is from disney, the parent trap.
12. I like being left alone.
13. I finally realise how screwed up my relationships with my family members are.
14. I can stay home and not go out for 3 days straight, every week.
15. I always try to watch my diet and make sure it's healthy but failed every single time.
16. Ever since I knew that there's groceries delivery to my door step, I stop going to supermarket.This apply to every other things that was available from the internet.
17. I always freaked out about my future but was also excited about it.
18. I don't understand why sin regret taking tennis lesson, i regret stopping.
19. I am always hungry during lectures, because lectures are either too early in the morning or during meal time. Therefore resulting in me concentrating on food rather than what's the lecturer is talking about.
20.I prefer people to see me as a cool, kind-of-tough girl.
21. I used to love long fingernails, but now, the shorter the better.
22. I am obsessed with MAC, M.A.C. cosmetics, apple mac.
23. I love biographies with author that has a 'tortured' childhood.
24. I love the funeral by band of horses at the moment.
25. I still prefer One Tree Hill season 4 better than others.

Things that still stay the same
  1. I am wondering when will my troubled days be over.
  2. I love the story or legend or mystery about Anastasia, the lost Russian princess.
  3. My all time favourite movie is from Disney, the parent trap.
  4. I like being left alone.
  5. I finally realise how screwed up my relationships with my family members are.
  6. I prefer people to see me as a cool, kind-of-tough girl.
  7. I used to love long fingernails, but now, the shorter the better.
  8. I love biographies with author that has a 'tortured' childhood.
Things that changed a great deal
  1. I no longer uses a Blackberry, moved on to Iphone, I am that cliche gadget matchy-matchy person
  2. I am less shy and more eager to go out and meet new people.
  3. I no longer am attach to a single person anymore, I figure I am not in a place to get too close to someone and get upset when they leave.
  4. I always prefer older guys but the "older" just get a few more years older
  5. I used to prefer guys with dark features but is now open to any kind of features after a visit to Sweden. =)
  6. I travelled alone once and got hooked on it.
  7. I now owned a very cool vintage leather backpack.
  8. I have a tattoo that serve as a reminder that I should believe in myself more and am considering to have another one.
  9. I discovered I prefer Economics but would love to write as a serious hobby (wouldn't hurt if it earns a share of my living at the same time)
  10. My favourite season is winter because there's a kind of sombre, dark feeling about the cold.
  11. My next goal is to travel the entire Europe, preferably alone.
  12. I successfully dropped 10 kg in a year and is really confident with my body and fitness now.
  13. Jogging relaxes me.
  14. I love all things leather.
  15. The Scandinavian is no longer a dream.
  16. I discovered that I have to be less dramatic to make life easier, so obviously, I am less dramatic now because I figure life is hard enough without the drama.
  17. I am a very negative person trying hard to be optimistic.
Believe it or not, it was actually difficult to come up with 17 facts about me. These facts might change again in the (near) future, hopefully for the better. Also, exam will be over in a day time and its party all the way before dissertation hits me in the face.

1 Jun 2013

Courtesy of Escentual.com

*This is the first beauty blogpost about a blind test on Micellar Solution that is raving in the beauty market. I was sent these 7 samples from Escentual.com (http://www.escentual.com/) to try out. This is the first time I will be reviewing products, I hope it will be good enough.*

On the day of Chinese New Year, I went to Chinatown but of course, I wouldn't pass off an opportunity of shopping. I stopped by at Oxford Circus tube station and walked along Regent Street to Chinatown. I wanted to get some foot cream because my feet are peeling crazy. Crabtree & Evelyn was next door so I wandered into it and came out with tons of hand cream because they were on sale.

Anyway, this is the story that lead me to discovering Escentual.com. I came home and started using all the hand cream and fell in love with India Hicks scent, so, I logged on to Crabtree & Evelyn's website in hope to order the body lotion to find it out of stock. So I googled it and found it at Escentual.com. I ordered in on Sunday, sit back, relax and wait for it to arrive.

What surprised me is the speedy delivery and shipping handling. On the day itself, which is a Sunday, Escentual.com sent me an email telling me they despatched my item and within 2 days, I got my lotion.

The above rambling is the story of how I stumbled upon Escentual.com and love it ever since.

2 weeks ago, I saw a tweet on twitter that announced that Escentual.com was looking for 100 bloggers and beauty addicts to do a blind trial on Micellar Solutions from France that are raving in the beauty market. Bioderma is amongst the famous brands. I regret not getting them cheap while I was in Paris.

So, about 3 weeks ago, while reading my tweets, I came across this tweet by Escentual.com inviting bloggers or beauty addicts to participate in a Micellar Blind Trial. I had only been blogging for half a year and doesn't consider myself as a blogger. But beauty addict, that, I am. I had been for the past 10 years, so I think I am qualified.

Anyway, upon receiving an email confirming that I am one of the lucky hundreds to participate in the blind test, I received my parcel within 2 days. Guess what, these are what Escentual.com sent me.

I personally think that Escentual.com is way too generous. Samples together with the test. No to mention those cute dropper bottles, I feel like I am back in Chemistry class again. I had been rambling too much, lets get back to the topic here.

Here are my criteria's in testing out these samples.
  • texture
  • scent
  • how well it removes makeup (my makeup is minimal with mascara, a little eyeliner and foundation) and cleanse
  • how my skin feels after removing makeup
  • how my skin feels after cleansing with my Clarins cleanser 
  • how my skin feels the morning after
Sample A

  • Feels like water (obviously) but with a hint of soapy feeling in it
  • I like this scent very much - it smell almost nutty. Not really a hate it or love it scent but some might be put off by the scent.
  • Need a few wipes to get my waterproof mascara out
  • slightly sticky
  • hydrated 
  • less oily 
Sample B
  • less soapy compared to Sample A
  • I do not like this scent, it smells like laundry powder, love it on my clothes and sheets. Not so much on my skincare product
  • Need a few wipes to get my waterproof mascara out
  • sticky
  • hydrating
  • skin feels the same
Sample C
  • feels like water
  • I do not like this scent, perhaps more than Sample B, it reminded me of Lux body shampoo that stings my skin 
  • Need a few wipes to get my waterproof mascara out
  • No sticky feeling
  • skin doesn't feel tight but not hydrating
  • skin feels the same
Sample D
  • feels like water
  • lightest scent (those with scent) of the samples
  • Need a few wipes to get my waterproof mascara out
  • no sticky feeling
  • stick feels tight and dry 
  • skin feels oily
Sample E
  • feels like water
  • sharp scent, I prefer my skincare with more soothing scent
  • Need a few wipes to get my waterproof mascara out
  • no sticky feeling
  • stick feels tight and dry 
  • skin feels extremely comfortable
Sample F
  • feels like water
  • NO SCENT!!!!
  • Need a few wipes to get my waterproof mascara out
  • no sticky feeling
  • stick feels slightly tight and dry but can be solve using toner 
  • skin feels extremely comfortable
Sample G
  • feels like water
  • NO SCENT!!!!
  • Need more than a few wipes to get my waterproof mascara out
  • no sticky feeling
  • stick feels tight and dry 
  • skin feels extremely comfortable
Out of the 7 samples, these are my preference:
  1. Sample F
  2. Sample A
  3. Sample G
  4. Sample D
  5. Sample B
  6. Sample E
  7. Sample C
As you can see, I am a "scent" person, the scent or lack of it plays a huge part in deciding which is my favourite. =)

So, here's my verdict on the samples, sorry that it was a bit long and might not be as good as product reviews should be, bear in mind this is my virgin review. I hope you like it though. Oh ya, they are having a French brands sale starting 1st June 2013 - don't miss it.