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16 Jun 2013

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part I

It all started about nine months ago, when I first embarked on my second experience on living abroad for more than a year, away from home.

Without much choice, I moved into a student accommodation with 4 other strangers. Gradually one by one, I met them all. There’s Pretty Girl at room A, Albert at Room B, Anar at Room C, me at Room D and Gavin at Room E. 

I considered myself really lucky because unlike my previous experience on living in a student accommodation, no one steals my food perhaps because we are mature students (Mature being the operative word) and there's only 5 of us, its not difficult to find out who's the culprit. 

I wasn’t someone that will get close with the flatmates. Reason being if I hate him or her, I can’t live with him / her. To avoid drama, I separate my friends with people I live with. Also why I can’t be friends with my family. You learnt about their bad habits and their personal (very annoying or anal) preference. 

Somehow, I really like Pretty Girl from Room A, I think we share a lot of things but is at the same time very different to create a spark. But, determined to have friends further from home, she never came under my radar. We have a fair share of Thai(s) in Malaysia and one of the main experiences of studying abroad is to meet people from ALL AROUND the world. Thailand is simply not far enough for me.

Time flies, I am now finished with my exams and am now working on my dissertation. Even though I hate to admit it, a boy got Pretty Girl and me closer together. We talked about boy trouble (also an issue I tried to separate myself from) and realised that we are more similar than we thought.

With a plan on hand, we started this wonderful and rather short but extremely intense journey of friendship. Our first stop was Shaka Zulu, we had Crocodile and Ostrich meat, I absolutely loved the experienced even though we are lost and it was raining. Soon after (the next day), we made plans to go to Borough Market. Even though I’ve been there before, I said yes because I was there just briefly the previous time.

We had so much fun but being me, I refused to be close to anyone, not someone that will be going on separate ways after a few months. After the 2 life experiences with bitches, I decided that girls do not make good friends and never had any close girl friends ever since, it had been almost 8 years now. Then comes along Pretty Girl, perhaps the universe is giving me a chance to obtain a girl friend.

Unknowingly, I got myself deeper and deeper into the pit, lets just say, I got addicted to her, while hating it (I do not like to rely too much on people - lesson learnt from former boyfriend). I think what I don’t feel all these years, I am actually very desperate to make it up with her and she plays her part really well, she did make an effort towards the “friendship”, I see a future with her in it.  She would invite herself to my jogs, even though I do not mind going by myself, a company is always good.

So, we basically jog ourselves towards a deeper and crazier friendship. 

In case you are wondering, this is Pretty Girl. 

Oh wait, not this, this is Gavin.

To be continue.....

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