Written while Drunk on Thoughts

28 Feb 2013

Harlem Shake

For some reason, I find this completely and utterly funny and yet at the same time stupid. I am sure most of you have seen it already. I guess angmoh can't stand Asian having Gangnam style so they have to invent a dance move to takeover the whole Gangnam craze. Originally by few Australian teenagers, here's a video of possibly biggest Harlem Shake in Europe, by UCL's students from youtube. And I like the top comment too. =)

24 Feb 2013

Cambridge and future trip

I decided on my itinerary for April. Its tiring but I think its all worth it. I count myself lucky to be able to do that and hopefully I am able to meet new people like I hope I will. Truth be told, I am excited and at the same time really afraid, I began to feel that my life is somewhat like this trip, I am wandering into new territory but at the same time bringing the past with me, trying really hard not to dwell with the negative part. Only this trip will last 5 days, well my life will last - a life time.

Thats all for now, I still have my Cambridge trip to share with you guys first. Its a one day trip, Ipek and I went there early morning and get back 12 hours later. It is cheaper than renting a place in Cambridge. It cost me less than £10 to get there and back. Plus, although I love the quietness of Norwich and Cambridge reminded me of Norwich, I like the hecticness of London better, you can feel the tension in the air. Hahaha.

Cambridge, the infamous university town. I will let the pictures do the talking.

First, some history about University of Cambridge, there are 31 colleges in the university and each of them act like a sorority house, housing students, feeding them, provide them accommodation but the University will provide the lectures and seminars. We visited 4 colleges and all of them have a courtyard and a chapel. This is because when the colleges was founded, they believe that religion and education goes together.

I used to visit London quite frequently when my cousin was living in London and commuting through Liverpool Street Station brings back memories. Oh, how old I am.

Breakfast to kick start the day

Queen's College

King's College

I am not a Christian but I always light a candle whenever I visit a church.

This is the Senate House next to King's College. Graduation ceremonies are usually held here and graduation ceremonies is in Latin. The only 2 sentences in English is Please be quiet and Please switch off your mobile phones. I guess the second sentence were added not long ago.

Gonville and Caius College

Trinity College

The alleged apple tree that Newton discovered gravity. Don't quote me on this, I don't really know whether I am correct or not.

The round church - second oldest building in Cambridge.

Pembroke College

Honestly, when I first visited Pembroke College, my first thought is that I am bored, because ALL colleges had the same features - upon entering you see a courtyard, which we are not suppose to step on the grass and to the right, there is a chapel. The previous 3 colleges I visited are laid out that way. But when I saw the library and the accommodation in Pembroke College, I fell in love.

Can you believe this is the accommodation? This looks like a rich man's mansion. Usually building this nice are used as administration offices or the library, never student accommodation. This is the first instance I fell in love with this place. =)

Great St Mary's Church

St Katherine's College

Most people in Cambridge, especially students commute between lectures and classes using bicycles. This is the second city that I've visited that has so many bicycles. The first being Amsterdam. We had to  be careful of not cars, not bus but bicycles. The photo below was taken near the train station of Cambridge.

18 Feb 2013


I am inspired by my cousin travelling alone and think its a good idea to go for one before I graduate for good and possibly having to leave Europe. I don't think I would have the courage to go travelling alone anywhere else in the world, as much fun as it sound. Say, I wanted to go travelling alone at the Mediterranean or even just Paris. I think my father would kill me before I am allowed to do that.

So, I am thinking about the Scandinavian as I never been to any of these countries before and I've heard good experience from friends who had visited the cities and friends from the cities. Plus they have kick ass seafood. As a loyal seafood fanatic, I had to visit one of the Scandinavian countries before I die right? If you think Teluk Bahang or Tambun (places fame for seafood in Penang, Malaysia), you are dead wrong!!! I had seafood on the cruise from Newcastle to Amsterdam, it was great compared to Teluk Bahang's and Tambun's but I am sure anyone from Scandinavian will think otherwise. Freezing deep sea water breed the best seafood.

My first few choices are Copenhagen and Oslo or perhaps Germany even though its not a Scandinavian country. I could visit my friend from university. I had to ask my cousin about her experience after she gets back from her trip before I decide. This will tick off another wish in my bucket list. I never once think I would have the chance to do that and I am so excited now. I am going to stay in hostel and meet new people. So, now I had to make a decision on where to go......its only mid-semester and I am now thinking of going on a holiday.....

17 Feb 2013

Chinese New Year celebration in London 2013

Chinese New Year this year was different. I actually doesn't dislike it. Call me abandoning my own culture, call me unappreciative. But I never like the noise and the symbolic-ness of red. Red is good and black is bad? Its just a colour and I like black. Also, Chinese New Year just ain't my cup of tea. =)

This year was different, I had a "reunion dinner" with my cousin and I invited my friend to join the fun. She had never seen a Chinese New Year celebration before so I thought it would be nice for her to experience it. We decided to have Korean in oppose of the usual Chinese food that we always have during CNY eve.

We had BBQ, dukbhoki and bibimbap. As the name suggest, Korean food has a reputation of being spicy, like many other cuisine. And my friend can't really have spicy food. But kudos to her, she tried it anyway.

And gifts kept coming in. My mother sent me some bak kwa all the way from Malaysia. I received an ang pao from a very sweet aunt that understood my lonely feeling of being abroad during festive time. Even though I love the fact that I am away from all the craziness. I appreciate the thought greatly.

My former colleagues and good friends sent me CNY cards and I used them to spruce up the place, make it more CNY-ly. Like what my friend once said, no celebrations are better than good companies. Even though I don't get your companies personally, I am glad there are little somethings that kept me company all the time.

Reunion Dinner....Korean Barbeque and a whole table of food.

Friend that I invited to join in the CNY fun.

The next day, I endure the pack underground and took a trip to Chinatown, London. I wanted to experience the difference in celebration. I mean, this is London, even CNY should be grand and huge. But.....I have to say I am slightly disappointed but a lot people seemed to have a great time watching the  Lion dance though.

I only took a few pictures of the Lion Dance because I felt bad for hogging a place. I had seen this more times than I could count and Lion Dance isn't my thing. I took a few quick pictures and gave other people opportunity to be entertained by it instead.

Crazy expensive durian.

It snowed on CNY. Just made my day

And this comes a few days after first day of CNY with a very cute hair piece, just in time for Valentine's day. Come back in a few days, I will post my Valentine's day post and find out who I spent it with and what London had for Valentine's day. Yes, London has celebration for everything. Gotta love London!!! There is still 7 days left for CNY. So, Happy CNY. Btw, when is 七夕情人节?(Chinese Valentine's day)