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18 Feb 2013


I am inspired by my cousin travelling alone and think its a good idea to go for one before I graduate for good and possibly having to leave Europe. I don't think I would have the courage to go travelling alone anywhere else in the world, as much fun as it sound. Say, I wanted to go travelling alone at the Mediterranean or even just Paris. I think my father would kill me before I am allowed to do that.

So, I am thinking about the Scandinavian as I never been to any of these countries before and I've heard good experience from friends who had visited the cities and friends from the cities. Plus they have kick ass seafood. As a loyal seafood fanatic, I had to visit one of the Scandinavian countries before I die right? If you think Teluk Bahang or Tambun (places fame for seafood in Penang, Malaysia), you are dead wrong!!! I had seafood on the cruise from Newcastle to Amsterdam, it was great compared to Teluk Bahang's and Tambun's but I am sure anyone from Scandinavian will think otherwise. Freezing deep sea water breed the best seafood.

My first few choices are Copenhagen and Oslo or perhaps Germany even though its not a Scandinavian country. I could visit my friend from university. I had to ask my cousin about her experience after she gets back from her trip before I decide. This will tick off another wish in my bucket list. I never once think I would have the chance to do that and I am so excited now. I am going to stay in hostel and meet new people. So, now I had to make a decision on where to go......its only mid-semester and I am now thinking of going on a holiday.....

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