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10 Feb 2013

Chinese New Year Update

Hello!! Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese / non-Chinese friend. I just want to update you on me, I am quite busy with mid-terms coming up and a lot of social events to attend! I am actually excited about Chinese New Year this once. I will be having reunion dinner with my cousin in a few hours time and I've invited my non-Chinese friend to tag along, this is the first time she will experience all these.

And there are parades and performance tomorrow, I might be going to one or two of them. I will update when I have the time after the parades and performance. This is the first time I "celebrate" Chinese New Year in London, I think it will be more fun here than back home. Its most importantly, cold and relative-free. The 2 things I dread the most during Chinese New Year. I would be dreading even more when relative start asking questions about whether I had a life partner I wanted to grow old with. Gimme a break, I am 23 years old, I am allowed to diversify while I can. =p Let the less fun counter party settle for the familiar face. I am going for the hot Italians. Hehehehe....

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year again! 新年快乐!!!

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