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3 Feb 2013

New Year, New Head with a theatre show

1 February 2013

I had wanted to cut my hair for a while now as I got sick of long hair. I am always the kind of person that would change dramatically because that would gives the freshest look. And since hair would grow back eventually, I wouldn't mind cutting my hair off just like that.

What makes this so special is, this is my first time cutting and dyeing my hair in London. Most people might find it a shock but I usually cut my hair for RM 12 (£2.5) and had been dyeing my hair for less than £20 professionally. Yes, it is that cheap. I had been to the salon 3 times in my life and this is the third.

Yes, so paying an amount above £25 would be consider expensive for me. Like all my haircuts, it was rather impromptu. I didn't want the time to think that what if I miss my long hair or I wanted something else. I like being "there, you are there, no turning back". Of course, getting a hair cut isn't that serious. I still could say no if I wanted. This salon I went to is an Asian salon, I have had haircuts by non-asian before, it just doesn't work for me. So, I am glad to say they did a good job. Anyway, here are some in progress and after picture.

I touched up my roots and cut off about 3 inches of layers, I wanted the haircut like my sister's. And so far, I am loving it. Under light, it looks like there are some purple (which is quite obvious in the picture below, though I did not have any purple from this time, only from 6 mths ago, I guess the new color brough the purple out under the right lighting), red and black.

Under sunlight, it looks quite red, not fiery red but quite a substantial amount of red.

This was from instagram if you haven't already know.

Just in time for CNY. Lol, I am never the person that cut my hair for CNY. I just need a change in my hair, thats it. Later that night, we went for a theatre show - The Shogun and the English Samurai at the Sadler's Wells Theatre, Islington, London. Its half Japanese, half English. So when the actors speak Japanese, I had to read the subtitles above.

This is the only few pictures I took as we are not allowed to take pictures. There are alot of people, mainly Japanese women with their non-Japanese partners.

A happy cousin after the show. It was better than I expected. Well, though I don't think I had the mind to watch theatre often. I had to prepare for it. Its quite an event for me, I can't just go spontaneously, it had a more serious tone compared to a movie. And I learnt something new, if the audience clapped long enough, the cast will come out again and again to thank (bow) you. It is an interesting yet goose bump inducing fact, don't you think? It was so grand, so "wow, I could never do that in my entire life". It is still on at Sadler's Wells, if you want some history, some humour and a very special theatre (English speaking and Japanese speaking), I am sure you will enjoy it.

This is part one of my "in London, nothing is too weird" collection.

I took this picture because the platform is double the size the usual platform, I think its because there usually are a lot of people travelling via this station.

This concludes my first and probably last haircut in London and my first non-english speaking (completely) and second experience watching theatre show. I am going to watch the famous 4/5 theatre show next, any companions?

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