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17 Feb 2013

Chinese New Year celebration in London 2013

Chinese New Year this year was different. I actually doesn't dislike it. Call me abandoning my own culture, call me unappreciative. But I never like the noise and the symbolic-ness of red. Red is good and black is bad? Its just a colour and I like black. Also, Chinese New Year just ain't my cup of tea. =)

This year was different, I had a "reunion dinner" with my cousin and I invited my friend to join the fun. She had never seen a Chinese New Year celebration before so I thought it would be nice for her to experience it. We decided to have Korean in oppose of the usual Chinese food that we always have during CNY eve.

We had BBQ, dukbhoki and bibimbap. As the name suggest, Korean food has a reputation of being spicy, like many other cuisine. And my friend can't really have spicy food. But kudos to her, she tried it anyway.

And gifts kept coming in. My mother sent me some bak kwa all the way from Malaysia. I received an ang pao from a very sweet aunt that understood my lonely feeling of being abroad during festive time. Even though I love the fact that I am away from all the craziness. I appreciate the thought greatly.

My former colleagues and good friends sent me CNY cards and I used them to spruce up the place, make it more CNY-ly. Like what my friend once said, no celebrations are better than good companies. Even though I don't get your companies personally, I am glad there are little somethings that kept me company all the time.

Reunion Dinner....Korean Barbeque and a whole table of food.

Friend that I invited to join in the CNY fun.

The next day, I endure the pack underground and took a trip to Chinatown, London. I wanted to experience the difference in celebration. I mean, this is London, even CNY should be grand and huge. But.....I have to say I am slightly disappointed but a lot people seemed to have a great time watching the  Lion dance though.

I only took a few pictures of the Lion Dance because I felt bad for hogging a place. I had seen this more times than I could count and Lion Dance isn't my thing. I took a few quick pictures and gave other people opportunity to be entertained by it instead.

Crazy expensive durian.

It snowed on CNY. Just made my day

And this comes a few days after first day of CNY with a very cute hair piece, just in time for Valentine's day. Come back in a few days, I will post my Valentine's day post and find out who I spent it with and what London had for Valentine's day. Yes, London has celebration for everything. Gotta love London!!! There is still 7 days left for CNY. So, Happy CNY. Btw, when is 七夕情人节?(Chinese Valentine's day)

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