Written while Drunk on Thoughts

30 Dec 2014

Human Connection

Young Melissa likes people to like her, I remembered I was told by a friend that she knew someone I know doesn't like me, I did not stop bugging her to let me know who that someone was for days. Dislike is a harsh word. I like to see it as INCOMPATIBLE. Both of you are either compatible, where there's a connection either verbally or non-verbal OR both of you are not compatible. Simple as. No matter how hard you tried to connect, the wave length is just not syncing.

Thing is, it should be that way. We would be way too busy if everyone are able to connect with everyone. I'll let you in a secret, not a single individual on earth are able to connect with everyone, if you think you can, you are just lying to yourself. Its impossible.

And this makes the people you can connect with, extremely precious. Truth be told, there aren't that many. Mixing in the uncertain elements in life, its downright scarce. I myself have a handful of friends that I could talk to about anything. Every conversation is like a fun lesson. But it is not easy trying to keep that up but good thing doesn't come easy, no?

Recently, I caught up with a friend after a few months. Boy was that conversation a pain in the beginning. Our wave length is so out of sync that I struggle to find the connection we once had. The first 30 minutes are mainly made up with "I don't understand(s). Speak English please. What(s)?" But 30 minutes into the conversation and a little help from wine, there we are again. Conversation flows , silent moments aren't at all awkward. Best part of all are the friendly matches of sarcastic comments.

Of all the wise inspirational BS that were said, this one left a rather impressionable mark on me.
"Everyone need at least another individual, every single human being need to connect with another human being. This is why social media is so addicting. Unfortunately, that came with a downside, we are too busy focusing on connecting with the world we forgot the person sitting right in front of us."
See, I knew this all along but it seem so much wiser coming from that friend of mine. I am very fortunate to know people from all around the world and that means I rely on social media a lot to keep in touch with most of them. Snail mail takes too long. And sometimes life does slipped in and come between me and them. But I believe that if the connection is there, all we have to do is just pick up where we left off. And it will always seems like no time had passed.

26 Dec 2014

Ghost of Christmas Present or Last Year's future

A Christmas filled with wishes, laughter and warmth. This Christmas may not be ideal in the slightest but it still is the best Christmas thus far. 

Thank you for the surprise package. 
Thank you for the texts. 
Thank you for the calls. 

I love you all. 

25 Dec 2014


17 Dec 2014

One Day

Seems like the theme of my blog as of late is "Appreciate! Appreciate! Appreciate!". So, might as well continue the streak of appreciation and write something on the romantic novel "One Day". Its  a slightly older "The Fault in Our Stars" but without the illness, death does play a part in this story as well but the 2 characters , Emma & Dexter, had 18 years more than Hazel & Augustus. Not so star-crossed more like both are being idiots not going after someone they knew they wanted all along.

*Spoiler ahead!*

The story started on their undergrad graduation day. The book is essentially describing the lives of Emma & Dexter for that ONE DAY every year for the next 18 years. Its rather predictable. Boy likes girl, girl really likes boy. Life intervene. Didn't get together until 15 years later. Girl dies shortly after.

The story begs the reader to appreciate while sending the message that "What's yours will never go away with time." Although it is a rather cheesy story line, it does serve its purpose on being a constant reminder of living in the present and of course, appreciate. It hits the hearts of many as anyone would have that near missed in romantic love. To me that is not the only reason, it is set around UK: Edinburgh, London, Oxfordshire, and those British reference, London streets, London pubs.

Am not going to lie, tears threaten to shed when I read the letter from Dexter to a deceased Emma, after what seemed like a lifetime of denying the tension and passion with each other, just to get together after all those heartbreaks to have Emma taken away by a car accident. And I am a toughie that only cried once in my reading life.

While this is a sappy love story, I think its quite a good read during this festive season when patience may run thin while busy hustling and bustling over holidays preparation. Or if you are a closet hopeless romantic like me.