Written while Drunk on Thoughts

28 May 2013

Second time is the charm

This is me, now! If I knew this would be how I feel, I would have do it long long time ago. Two peas in the pod. Nonsense and mindless talk.

This is my second time to London's oldest market, dated back to 13th century - Borough Market. Bored of venturing out alone, I decided to get a date.

Beautiful date + good company + great weather + good food = Good Life

We eat, we talked, we laugh, we shopped, we eat some more, we laugh harder.

Date of the day, Pretty Girl.

25 May 2013

Copenhagen Overdue

About a month ago, I went on a trip alone. It may not seem that much of a big deal to most people but to me, its a great deal venturing into foreign land all alone.

3 months ago, I took the plunge to book a holiday that I would go alone, on my own for the first time. And it is just plain different. I used to go on holidays with my family when I was younger, then started going on holidays with my cousins when I am studying abroad and went on holidays (road trips) with friends after I started working. I've had never went on a holiday all alone before.

So, I picked Copenhagen as my starting point. Oh, the pure joy of it. I think I chose the right place to embark on my solo journey. Anyway, these are the overdue pictures, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

A mirror picture that royals approve of.