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5 May 2013

Today is the General Election Day in Malaysia, so I decided to participate from 7000 miles away.

Even though I wanted very much to study International Relations and Politics together with Economics for my undergraduate degree, I never wanted to be involved in politics. No, that is not true. I don't care about anything that vaguely relates to politics.

I know I am blessed to be born in Malaysia and have a great place that I call home. But, even though things had improved and benefit me, I still think we had a long way to go. As my former boss once said "you either fight and die, let others benefit or you leave." I am very ashamed to say that I am the latter. True, there is no other place I would like to retire when I am old. But, for now or in the near future, I don't see anything changes in my favour. If I were to apply to scholarship to further my study, chances are, I will not be able to do it. If I chose Economics in the local university as my preferred course, chances are I might get forestation for my undergraduate degree and work in Jabatan Alam Sekitar (That is Department of Nature for non-Malay speaking readers).

I never wanted to continue my tertiary studies in the local university even though the best universities one could go is the local university back home. I paid my way to my undergrad and master, nothing much to be proud of. But in some way, in order to avoid my future disappointment and sabotage to what I truly love for a career, that is the way to go.

I am not going to vote in the upcoming election, before you accuse me to be a traitor (i knew one of my friend wouldn't approve but screw him, I want a 480 days maternity leave). I tried to have high hopes just to be splash with cold water again and again. Penang improved, I agree. But "Second home Programme" for foreigners that could easily afford a high end apartments / condominium while I can't even afford a decent home? That is a major problem. I am not some lazy bum that sits around and whine. But the government should think of us, the young Penangites before those foreign folks that looks to set up home here. Setting a MYR 500k minimum doesn't and won't stop them. Its not difficult to fork out £100k. While some of us are struggling to even get a FIRST home for ourselves.

No offense to my foreign friends but my home is in Penang, Malaysia, I should have a home before you. This is only a tip of the iceberg, don't get me started with foreign plates clogging up Penang's road during holidays. Here's an idea, impose congestion charges. Its not that much to ask for foreign cars that are taking holiday in tiny little Penang to pay a small fee to use our tiny roads, isn't it? With the number of cars and no public transportation like overground or underground, I don't think its too much. MYR 10 per car per day, how does that sound?

These are my thoughts, sorry that I the amount of f*** s that much. But I don't see much improvements that could benefit me in the near future, so I chose not to fight because who wants to fight in a war that they can't win. I GIVE UP!!! See you when I am old when I could easily fork out £100k from my pension fund.

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