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16 May 2013

Anne Frank Remembered....

Disclaimer: This post is only to tell people to appreciate what they are having at the moment, don't complain so much because as one of my friends said "Could be worse." Me included, I had to remind myself from time to time, stop complaining.

I always love reading about the history, as a story at the very least. Not for academic purposes though. In the chaos of Malaysian General Election, I know that we are now in the modern world, modern - advanced time, but a part of me can't help but think that even in these times, if there is something horrible happening to the world, we - human beings - will still resort to serve their basic instinct. Yes, even to the most developed and advance countries in the world. But remember, at least we are free to do what we wanted. Imagine having to live like them. Imagine having to be separated by the war, having never to see your parents again. Imagine that.

Ok, this is to tell you to go watch the movie and in the midst of protesting against our government, be thankful that we are not in the situation.

Here is a small part of the documentary. I believe its the movie that is constantly on the loop at Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam because I recognised part of it.

Anyway, enjoy the documentary and be grateful we are not in this situation.

I can't wait for today's exam to be over, collapse on my bed and sleep to my heart's content, wake up start the whole cycle again for the next exam.

Oh ya, I have a lame metaphor for you guys. "I always wear black to exams, not only it represent my mood, its because exams are like funerals to my knowledge, as soon as its over, its gone, with only some memory of it lingering around." Agree with me? Hahaha.

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