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10 May 2013

It is over, get over it. Just be glad that in 5 years time, you get to try again!

I did not have any exam today but I am starting to think that some people are crying over spilled milk.

Did any of you realised that media nowadays are flooded with the Malaysian General Election nowadays. Truth be told, I never care but now it gets a tad old. I am generally not interested in a lot of things but after the huge incident of 2011, I vowed to change. But I must say that I remained unchanged in my political view.

These are my reasons:
1. No matter how much you want it to change, certain things just wouldn't change. Like your past, its going to haunt you for the rest of your life and its up to you to make the full use out of it. You know that I am pointing the obvious here. Our country's name is MALAYsia. I don't think I need to elaborate any further. But be thankful that even though CHANGE didn't come round this time, at least we are one tiny step closer to "CHANGE".

2. I am not a fighter. I am a Chinese, business people at heart. A firm / corporation's sole purpose is to get profit / benefit out of anything. If I don't see me getting any benefit, there is no point for me to fight. Same goes to everything, I fought, I lost and I moved on. Hopefully, the more I moved, the better I get.

3. With a leader like that, truth be told, are any of you really surprise of the outcome. I think deep down a lot of people know that there's a certain fixed outcome, well, a rigged game will always favour a side, but I suppose the consolation here is we knew how to fight. We are 50 years too late, but as what my lecturer once said "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER". Also, my advise is, start campaigning now, I know Bersih had been going on for years, but perhaps we should be more enthusiastic about it through the 5 years instead of at the remaining few months. Just like studying, there is so much you can do if you start the day before.

I am glad there is no such rally or protest here because its a shameful matter that a certain someone is so proud of.

I am very thankful that Malaysia is my home. No matter where I go or end up in the future, Malaysia will still be my home. Where I grew up, where I learnt the way of life, where I took my decision to be what I am to be, where I got my heart broken, where I fell hard and also where I regain my strength to stand back up.

Malaysia is a good place to grow up, good place to learn and my kids will spend their summer at Malaysia where they would learn not to complain about the cold weather because having 4 seasons is a blessing. Hahaha. Making the assumption that I am living at a 4 seasons country.

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