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2 May 2013

Great Gatsby

*Play Lana Del Rey's song while reading this post, might experience the feeling I had while I am writing this post.*

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Ok, the movie is coming out and I am not really prepared to read the novel. Well, I've read To Kill a Mocking Bird and I have to admit, it is very literature-based. Normally, a regular teenager wouldn't enjoy and will find it somehow similar to the books that we had to study during high school, sometimes I wonder does the author even think as much and as deep as we did. I've read Curious Case of Benjamin Button, its relatively more complicated than books written now. I think it is because writing style had evolve throughout the years or people had gotten more impatient that books aren't really a good entertaining past time.

People are not as elaborate and detailed anymore, heck, minimalism is what people prefer nowadays. We no longer like the elaborate, state of the art, renaissance era designs. We want SIMPLE, CLEAN designs. I will bet top dollars that if you compare the interior designs of house now and those of 30 years ago, you will be surprise how much the detail had been eliminated.

I think this applies to the writers style too. Shakespeare's elaborate - dramatic writing style as compared to modern day literature. I mean, had you read War and Peace? I tried, then gave up not even close to half way.

Ok, back to The Great Gatsby. I was drawn to it because of the background of the story. I did some research and its somehow based on Fitzgerald's own past. I always believed that somehow most people will end up spending their life with someone other than the person they loved most. Like Jay and Daisy. Put it simply, if you are destined to be a mate (soul) with this person, chances are you will never be together, it will always be a past or a road that you wish you had taken. Everyone have a Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan in their life, the only difference is Jay Gatsby created a second chance for himself and gave up his life pursuing his love. Maybe its just me, I am dramatic like that.

Now now, I am not implying anything. Most of the times, a person is your past for a reason - he / she is not the one. But somehow, perhaps this is due to the fact that i like to make everything romantic, the person you love the most most probably won't be the one you end up marrying or spending your life in, I have a feeling that unfortunately I fall in this category. So if I don't marry you, I might love you most. =p Because I believed in cause - effect, we were put in this world to serve a certain purpose. Irony works in many ways.

But this is the beauty of it, have you heard before the saying "You don't know what you lost until its gone". That way, the purity and the uncertainty makes love beautiful. Only beautiful memories remains. Reason why Titanic is one of the greatest fiction love story. Romeo & Juliet? Because they die before things gets ugly. So, conclusion here is: if you truly love someone and don't want things to get ugly, let him / her go. Then he / she will be your beautiful memory forever. Ask anyone, they will remember their first love. Because there is this uncertainty that makes everything mysterious and beautiful. The "what if". But then if you chose to pursue the "what if", it may or may not turn out as beautiful as you hoped when reality kicks in. Again, Drama Queen.

But easy said than done. Who would willingly give up their love based on a stupid theory. That person is stupid. Hahaha.

Note: I know Leonardo is the best Gatsby but am I the only one that think he is overexposed? When I saw the promo of the movie, my first thought is "Leonardo Dicaprio again." I know he is perfect but surely there will be another perfect Jay Gatsby. They should give someone else a chance, imagine if James Cameron did not pick him to be Jack almost 20 years ago. I think Jay Gatsby will very well be someone else today. I mean come on, give some fresh faced boy a chance.

But that being said, using Lana Del Rey's Young & Beautiful in the trailer totally suckered me in though the only 2 person I like in the film is Isla Fisher and Joel Edgerton. =) Oh Lana Del Rey, you have such goosebumps - inducing voice.

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (The Great Gatsby OST)

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