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29 Apr 2013

I've got myself an Acne from Stockholm

A wallet that is. It actually stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expression. It was founded in Stockholm, Sweden some 15 years ago, so its not a very old brand.

I like the simple, non-fussy, straight to the point design. This should be the highest level of design - less is more.
The gorgeous chestnut hue is just too good to pass although I did hesitate to get the black one since black is my lucky colour this year. Told the sales assistant about that risk sounding superstitious but she told me with age, the leather of Chestnut colour will become darker and more seasoned while black will remain so. So, I chose beauty over luck. The friendly pretty girl told me its a new colour along with a black one (They had 4 colours: blue, yellow, black and chestnut).

Plus I was delighted to find out its £20 cheaper in Sweden than in UK. It was an impulse buy but I am really pleased of it. This sparks my obsession on Swedish designs. As a fan of simple designs, I firmly believe the statement "less is more", I always love Scandinavian designs, but it is almost always too expensive to indulge. Here's my leathery finds on my trip. I love it. Triumphs over generic souvenir, I had a story to tell or I am always able to subtly hint the certain someone that you would not be able to get it locally because I got it while on holiday somewhere at the other part of the world *show off much?*

The yellow isn't as vibrant in real life

Pictures above are from Liberty's website.
I suppose this colour was sold out at the particular department store counter I bought mine in.

Ok, genius me didn't take a picture before I yanked the sticker off. So, I replaced the sticker and try to pretend that its as good as new. I love the packaging of "designer" items, its always carefully & thoughtfully packed.

This is mine, it comes in black but perhaps due to the reason that its new (according to the pretty girl and the box actually had a PAW13 - I suppose it meant Pre- Autumn/Winter 13) I couldn't find picture online anywhere) and perhaps its new, only stores in Stockholm has it. =) Hehe. You can see there are slight difference, the words ACNE STUDIOS are larger and the L.NYG. 23 is not there. Not exactly sure what NYG stands for but could mean their flagship store in Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo doesn't do it justice, it was the perfect leather backpack, even one that my father would approved. =)
And a picture of my proudest find, a vintage leather bag that has a hole in it and I discovered it only when I am back. I thought I was the one that might have created the hole, but I tried scratching the bag (quite hard i might add) with my fingernails and it won't budge, so I conclude that the hole was there and its part of the charm of a vintage item. It is (IMO) cheap considering its entirely leather, it has the most beautiful shade of dark brown, I have this thing about leather, it must be brown, because leather comes from animal and brown is the most "natural" colour. Even though lots of shades of brown are also dyed on the leather but its more realistic than a blue cow or yellow lamb.

I found it at the huge vintage store on the first day while roaming around the area recommended by a waitress in a cafe I had my lunch in, I want the local perception, how the locals see Copenhagen. I didn't buy it only to find myself thinking about it the whole day and as the salesgirl said "if you had been thinking about it, means you really want it." Its mainly true but also kudos to her selling techniques. They are really kind, I was actually few minutes late and I lied telling them I am leaving Copenhagen the next day and begged for them to let me get the bag since I knew what I want.

I ended up chatting with them for a while and got a free LEATHER shopping bag (I had the "face" to ask for another colour because I spotted brown and black but they gave me a black one due to my "leather has to be brown" theory but they only had black) together with the purchase just because the owner was kind enough. The leather shopping bag cost DKK 280 and my bag cost DKK 320, I paid DKK 320, I got a free girl worth DKK 280. I think its a pretty good deal. Free spirited people, I like. I don't think British would succumb to that though, since I am late, its my fault.

So now, I have a leather shopping bag, I tell you, its darn cool. Who owns a leather shopping bag? It just injected a whole lot of cool into grocery shopping.

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