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11 Apr 2013

Journey back to the 60s and 70s

I think I am trotting around Copenhagen at the time you guys are reading this. I am slightly obsessed with the 70s again after a trip back to 40 years ago. Have I told any of you that I planned to have a 70s inspired birthday party for my 21st but I ended up spending the day crammed in the tube sending my father and brother to the airport and nearly get left at a random station after almost not making in the train after letting a mother with a buggy out the underground? I sat on the luggage bag, lean on my sweaty father the rest of the journey till the airport.

Ok, fast forward 2 years and 9 months later to April 2013, no longer 21.

In my journey to discover markets all around London, I had to go to Portobello Road Market, I suppose you could say, if you never been to Portobello Road Market, you never been to a flea or second hand market.

It is only open on Saturday and thanks to the lovely weather, its a treat to walk around without the chilly air and everyone seems to be in a good mood. How much the sunlight can do to people.

Even though its a market, its really a few market combined, including antiques (I found a few vintage rings, they are not cheap but are extremely gorgeous, if you could afford it, you can guarantee you will be the only one having the ring, I think I know where to point my potential guy to where he should get my future engagement ring - thinking way ahead but how unique it will be if you have an engagement ring that are almost unique & had witness at least one love story before you) *don't gimme the second hand curse thing that my mother told me, I don't believe in that, its too beautiful to be*, second-hand market (where things are really cheap and there are awesome vintage finds for only 1 quid or 2), food market, new goods, you can find almost ANYTHING there.

These cameras are working cameras in case you are wondering and not expensive but of course, the films are not really available now, so basically its working but can't be used. 

Bubble tea shop that are quite a hype here at the moment. 

In some way, going to Portobello Road market is like a trip back to the 60s and 70s. I love both decades, the sharp, full colours, the high platform boots and its the time when young people rebelled (hippie) and followed what they believe. They are so carefree and they are living life. I constantly tell my parents that I was born in the wrong era even though I won't be dressing like Lana Del Rey anytime soon. I love those tragic stories of musicians, rockers. 

Its also around the time my dad spent some time in England, he was around my age when I first step foot on the English soil. He was in the middle of all these happening event. Even though he is not a Hippie nor a Punk but he shared the same music taste (60s, 70s music) as I am and he always tell me stories that happened 40 years ago. Its a true story of "Back in those days...." Good story to tell your grandchild, don't you think? "Back in those days, your grandmother is quite a rebel, she travelled from city to city not knowing where she will be the next day." as opposed to "Back in those days, your grandmother studied everyday." =) Again, thinking way ahead. Its quite an irony, our parents strive to let us have a comfortable life and here I am thinking to throw everything away to follow my passion. But the problem is, I don't know what my passion is and I don't have the courage to throw everything away because I almost did once, it hurts too much. Hahaha. So much feeling but so little time to say. 

Of course, I don't support their rocker lifestyle but everything was easier, they have groupies that could actually interact with their idols. Idols now have a wall of bodyguard. I didn't think being a youngster then is easy but at the very least the first concern is how to live life, not how to earn big bucks which sadly is what most of us think about these days and I am no exception. Spending a few hours in 60s and 70s temporarily just had to do for me.

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