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17 Apr 2013

Of Vikings and of Modern, Ages that is

Today, I got a history lesson from the Boy. The first question he asked is "So, how is it that you had visited the land of the Vikings?" My first thoughts is "Vikings?" To some level, I knew the Danes and the Swedes are associated with the Vikings, because of the vast selection of Vikings head souvenirs available in the souvenir shops. 

But I was too obsessed of buying the "right" souvenirs, as in souvenirs that bears the word Copenhagen or Stockholm or any attractions that are associated with the city. My only reason is because I visited Copenhagen and Stockholm, not other places in Denmark or Sweden, so it only make sense that I ONLY get those.

I am abit beaten up by the fact that in spite of the Vikings heads reminded me of the Viking history, I was too fascinated by the Renaissance era of their history. Beautiful tapestry, elaborate designs and decorations that perhaps a wall in the palace cost more than my house back home. To illustrate,

Christiansborg Palace
Frederiksborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle

Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle
All the pictures above are taken in Denmark which includes Christiansborg Palace, Kronborg Castle and Frederiksborg Castle. 

To state the obvious, Kronborg Castle is the oldest - it has a blend of Middle Ages and Renaissance Era, so the decoration is not that elaborate. Christiansborg Palace got burned down 3 times and its fairly safe to say that its completely Renaissance, look at the hall and that is not the most lavish room in the Palace. Frederiksborg Castle, is built by Christian IV, I think its the start of the Renaissance era with all the artist and painters, judging by its lavishness. Sorry, I don't really know how to appreciate these art, well, if it belongs to me, perhaps but otherwise, I just kept thinking how much will it cost and how nice it is I could own a few, sell it off and actually get a house of my own, I don't need a palace or castle, just a studio apartment will do.

Truth be told, after the third palace / castle, I was a bit bored with it, so the Swedish palaces had an unfair advantage of my "boredness" towards Renaissance style Palace. Although I am not keen on the fact that they don't have corridors, to get from a room to another, you had to past through other rooms, imagine when someone is sleeping, you just walk right through, someone is in the midst of changing, nevermind. I bet modern people would probably be sued for INVASION OF PRIVACY. Guess the term doesn't exist a few hundred years ago. 

But then again, sometimes I was reminded that there is nothing vague similar in Malaysia. Our royal palaces aren't even open for visitors, for all we know, perhaps its covered head to toe in gold and diamonds or its completely painted in yellow, like a giant post-it. So, apart from the fact that they are willing to "share" it to the public, royal palaces combined with a frozen lake, nothing could resist that, not even my lack of interest and "boredness". 

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace
This room reminded me of one of the rooms in Versailles, France.
I don't have to say much, do I? These photos taken by me doesn't even do justice for the perfect moment, more like perfect couple of hours. 

Its moments like this that life is worth living for and roads are worth travelled for. 

(not to mention the leg work that my poor legs had been through the last 6 days) - I walked a total of 148, 960 steps over the past days. Its safe to say that I exceeded the quota of an average Malaysian annual steps.

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