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15 Apr 2013

Live from Stockholm

Hey!!! I am now at a more civilised (meaning with internet) hostel in Stockholm. I really enjoyed this hostel, its call Stockholm Hostel (don't let the name fool you, haha). Even with the lack of creativity in the name, the hostel is anything but. The staff are really great. In fact, both hostel I've been to was great but this hostel wins slightly with the very cute Swedish receptionist.

*If you were directed here when you research for Stockholm Hostel, I would highly recommend this hostel, you won't regret your decision. Its everything you would want for a night during your stay, even though I was woke up by the fire alarm yesterday, I still think this is a great place. You might want to consider staying here if you are visiting Stockholm. Ok, I hope I give them credit enough.*

Oh, did I mention that Swedish guys look like they just got out of the Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement, plus the clothes and minus the spray tan. Ok, minus the muscles too. Guys here are generally taller and to the slim side. And almost 90% of the people here have blue eyes and light hair. Oh, how I envy.

Almost all the attractions I've been to are manned by very cute Swedish guys with blue eyes. So, now I changed my mind, I prefer Swedish guy better. Hahaha, perhaps if I go to Spain next, I will change my mind again. But for now, Swedish guys.

Also I find the Swedes are quite friendly. Its easy to start up a conversation with them. I went to a candy shop and the sales assistant are so fascinated by me i think not me in particular but the situation I am in, you know coming from Malaysia but speak "perfect" English, she thought I am American - darn you, American tv series. She was surprised that to get into Sweden, I don't need Schengen Visa that was needed by quite a number of nations and started asking me where I've been to. 

Then there was this cute receptionist, just by asking him where I could print my boarding pass, we managed to start up a conversation which always lead to me asking whether he had been to Malaysia. The answer is almost always "No, but I've been to Thailand". =.= We need to have cheap beers and you know, if not all Europeans just go to Thailand. He told me he been to Singapore (due to me bringing up the neighbour country "feud" e.g. Danish - Swedish (He agrees that Swedish are more friendly than Danish when I told him so), British - French (don't quote me on this, but this is what I observed) and of course, Malaysia - Singapore) and Bali. He told me that he would like to go back to that part of the world again, I asked about Thailand especially Bangkok because I knew almost 99% young Europeans, especially guys, they like to go to Thailand. He replied "of course, I've been there 4 times" with a smile. (The smile, Oh my god!! Sorry B, he has the smile where when he smile, there are  excess skin at the side of the mouth, just like the former boyfriend). Here's an example of what I meant, in case you thought its bulldog like excess skin.

Something like this but slightly "more skin". Just pretend you get what I meant even though you didn't, I can't possibly and I don't want to post a picture of the former boyfriend to just prove a point. Point being the cute receptionist, despite his glass and shaved head, he managed to look good. You know, some people just won the genetic lottery. 

Ok, all these are to prove how easy it is to strike up a conversation with them. Swedes are really friendly people and I think if I am Thai, I would fascinate them even more. Haha.

Then I shamelessly promote Penang to him when he asked where he should go if he happen to visit Malaysia. Haha. Don't say I don't love home. I am actually proud of Penang because of our English past. Hahaha. Ok, its because of our English past, so I don't really love home THAT much. But I still did promote. I am proud that Penang used to be one of the port that European companies stopped by, like Carlsberg for instance, during the 1800s. Of course, Bangkok too. =p

I went to Drottningholm Palace today. IT WAS PERFECT. period. Here's a little sneak peak before I had the time to write up a proper post. Breathtaking isn't it? I am really lucky that today is so sunny with clear blue sky, it makes it even more picturesque.

There's a dark shadow at the upper right corner which bugs me a lot, its because of the phone cover. =.=. I need to learn photoshop to get rid of it.

Ok, to sum up, my thoughts on Sweden - models, male models everywhere. Apart from the cold weather, its so cold that the sales assistant from the candy shop actually envy our weather and told me that since its so cold out, people doesn't want to stay out, if only she knows that we avoided outdoor like a plague too, I only complain about ONE thing, its slightly more unsafe than Copenhagen, but to be name as the Capital of Scandinavia, it has to have a mixture of different races and people from different parts of the world, that can't be help. So, thats about it, apart from that, I really enjoyed this place, this trip, albeit alone and panicking sometimes, I learnt a lot. Everyone should do that if they had to chance to. Things that you learnt and the feeling, I would do this again in a heartbeat. So, right now, I am planning perhaps Norway and Germany? Finland maybe?

Any suggestion for another adventure? For a girl like me?

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