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6 Apr 2013

For a girl that dislikes going to a market, here is the start of a journey of various markets in the city

Me: "Today, I went to the market."

Mum: "Since when you go to market?"

Me: "The markets here are clean and dry and it doesn't smell disgusting, even the wet markets."

Mum: "..."

This is my mother's reaction when I told her I went to the Borough Market at Southwark, London, near London Bridge.

Market in UK offers fresh seafood from the North Sea or North Atlantic ocean, point is, the sea water is always cold, so their seafood are way superior than the ones back home, where the seafood are not as "strong" as the ones here. Well, I can't cook seafood, my aim is to buy the ready cooked seafood and eat on the spot. Also, to get cheap and huge berries. 

It gets really cold during the winter month, I always have respect to those that work outdoors. I would trade working under the huge sun in Malaysia then in the cold during winter, it gets really cold till a point that work gets really tough, not to mention those bulky fingers wearing glove, I could hardly function with those on.

 Those "pot-looking" items are actually pie. Imagine how many days it will take me to finish. But too bad, I am not a fan of pastry. Perhaps when the Boy come over, we could share one.

 Asparagus cart

 Then there is a huge section selling vegetables, all kinds of vegetables, even those I never seen before. I never been much of a vegetable fan but I felt better eating mainly of vegetable now (its easier to cook too.) so I am really impressed by how many different kinds of vegetable they had to offer.

 Figs, I tried it once, can't really grasp the concept of eating it and I will be going on a trip soon so I couldn't get most fresh food.

 All kinds of carrots and turnips, I might try buying the black carrot and tried it next time. 

 I think those are rhubarb and the black balls are beetroot.

 I am trying to capture how huge the onions are but it didn't really show up well in this picture. Trust me they are huge, there is no comparison with what we had there. Of course, ours are mainly red onions.

 Tomatoes that looks like mini pumpkin.

 I caught a glimpse of this dude's uniform, apparently he is a chef from Hilton Hotel, I am not sure which Hilton in the city.

 Then opposite the road is the cooked food section. There are food that you could find from all around the world, German sausage, Turkish Delights (Hehe), French pastries. You name it.

 I think the sellers are genuine French, I heard them speaking French. So, even in London, you get authentic French pastry, no need to travel to Paris, just go to Borough Market.

 Cooked food are generally more expensive.

 You see the orange with red inner? Its call Blood Orange. I am not a fan of oranges and citruses but I will give it a try next time.

Fresh Foie Gras. Its like crab to me, its a cruel-full food but it taste so good.

 Wild mushrooms.

 What I got, shame that I will be away, I would buy lots more if I am not.

Mutant strawberries 

I wonder is raw milk like the fresh milk we can get from Indian Vendors, the one where you had to cook before drinking?

I shall leave you all with the imagination of how divine the seafood is and in the mean time, I will be enjoying Fresh seafood from the North Sea for my trip. Wish me sikker rejse!!

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