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12 Apr 2013

Copenhagen with Love

Hey guys,

I am just updating abit on my Copenhagen trip so far. I have quite a story to tell as even though I am still in Europe, it is really different compared to London. And also, travelling alone is just completely different than travelling with a companion.

I have no one to be impatient of, so I found myself to be more patient. Also, asking around, talking to people is pretty easy, Danes are really friendly, I start to think they are more friendly than British and British are really friendly to start with. To my surprise, even the young people in Copenhagen are friendly and helpful. I asked a couple of them how to get to a certain place. They happily pointed out and even wished me good trip and good day after I thank them for their help.

Young people in Britain? Well, I don't really have much to comment about. Perhaps just slightly better than young people in Malaysia. =)

More stories to come when I get back and when I have the time. Hahaha, exam is coming and I still have lots of gathering and parties going on. Hehehe. Gonna turn in soon, I love all the walking, I treated myself to fatty food and I don't allow myself to have. Also, with 7-11 that serve fresh croissants, who wouldn't?

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