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1 Apr 2013

Gaming Etiquette

Life so far had been not really happening, I am trying to visit a place everyday this holiday. I had daily jogs, Covent Garden, Chinatown (again!), Borough Market and Portobello Road Market lined up for this week. I still had to plan for my coming trip. So here is a little filler post in the mean time.

I am embarrassed to admit this. I was hooked on this game that even the Boy doesn't even play and the Boy is quite the gamer, I have nothing a game but I think the ability to run a few miles without gasping for air or playing a game of mediocre tennis beats being the king in some ville or some warrior from few thousands years ago or a few thousands years in the future. I was on this game for a few months now and after today, I think I am quitting for good.

This is all because some people just doesn't have the common courtesy. I live in this world, this dog eat dog world and understood about doing anything to get on top (quite literally) and from my previous experience, it nearly always work for being a "not so decent" person. This is why I always am careful when dealing with people like this even though I hate losing, I understood that in a game, especially in this (sorry if I offend anyone) "nerd" game.

I know I am being stereotypical here but I am sure anyone that does not play computer games will almost always imagine a gamer to look like this:
At least I do (sorry!), don't get me wrong, I did tried to learn the beauty of it in the past, I tried GTA, War of World or World of War (sorry, I can't be bothered to find it out) and basically strike it off my list. The only game that I enjoyed is The Sims but thats because I can't lose in the game and I am a control freak. That being said, I am quite good in car racing, so not so good in driving in real life, excellent driver in the world of game.

Anyway, my point being, I was attacked by this class act so naturally, I fight back, again and again. Exchanging fights between that class act and me. Well, today, I was defeated and it served as a wake up call. Even though this game is a time filler when I am waiting, I was sometimes too into it. Class act sent me a message, he / she (I just want to be politically correct) sent me a message saying "Hey if you want you can attk me again? Oh wait you have 0 troops maybe now you can be a good little farm." Naturally, I wasn't too happy about it but at the same time I find it funny. Who still trash talk like that? Hahaha. So I sent back a message saying "All is fair in war and love." and later found out his / her nickname is SPITEFUL TURD. Lol. Then I proceed to sent him / her another email saying "Pardon me, I missed out on your nickname, no wonder you have no class." The reply I got "??". I delete the game after thanking my comrades (my alliance) for helping and didn't bother to reply. Well, I shouldn't even text back the second time considering he / she doesn't even understand. But I had a good laugh and this proved one thing, I gave you people the benefit of the doubt and now I am sticking to the stereotype. Don't get me wrong, he / she could be the most active person outside his / her "iphone game life", but this whole thing proved that he / she has no etiquette and anyone that hasn't heard the term "All is fair in war and love" doesn't deserve my time, not even a millisecond. So I sunk low for a minute there and promise not to let this happen again.

Here goes my experience in playing a game called The Hobbit. I enjoyed it, just a bit surprised that there are people that trash talk like this, now. Also, I was watching Sex and the City (hmm...) and missed Paris (the episode where Carrie was in Paris). I love the city so much, I am glad that I decided to go last winter, it changed my perspective of Paris. It used to be bittersweet but now its more sweet than bitter. I too learnt of something, I am never going to Paris until I find someone that would love me longer than forever, no matter what.

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