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27 Mar 2013

Cousin left, all alone....

I never been much of a family person but its nice to have a family around, someone that you could take to when you are feeling lonely. Someone that you know if you are in trouble, he/she could be reach in less than an hour. Someone that lives in the same city as you. Today is the day my cousin is going back Malaysia for good after spending almost 5 years in UK.

My cousin and I were born less than a year apart and grew up together (we shared the same babysitter). We used to sleep together, took naps together, shower together, play together and basically grew up together. We had our times, we fight, we sway far when we were teenagers, despite living in the same country, we were hours train ride apart. I fell apart and called her sobbing at the start of the year, she immediately offered to accompany me the very weekend without me asking. So when she announced that she is leaving the same city I am in for good, I made sure that I treat her for a dinner (early birthday too! her birthday coming up in 2 weeks time) And since we are food buddies (we frequently go for new restaurants that either of us discovered), we embarked on quite a food journey (plus a cake and a few cookies) since last friday (Vietnamese - Cafe Eat, Surrey Quays), Saturday (Eat Tokyo, Trafalgar) and finally Tuesday (Burger & Lobster, Dean Street).

Friday (Cafe Eat)

DIY Hello Kitty cupcake found at Tesco

 She donated some of her belongings to me, a duvet, 2 pillows, a towel and many many useful stuff that I wanted to buy but could live without for a year or two.

Saturday (Eat Tokyo) 

 I invited Molly along, I am so glad that my friends liked my cousin, she looks really cute here. Well, both of them are.

Finally, Tuesday (Burger & Lobster)

 Look how huge the lobster's claw is! I am a happy person there and then.

 We all had to right?

 Penang girls had to have their seafood!

The end result. One full stomach, a devoured lobster and a huge smile on the girls faces. =)

Then we decided to do a bit of walking/shopping after that and despite of the near zero temperature, I ordered a cold drink from Starbucks. She shopped, I walked. Ok, I didn't see anything I want plus I just got myself a dress at 40% off, gotta love spring sale. =)

She told me she might be working in KL/Singapore. I hope that the next time I see her, it wouldn't be Chinese New Year or when either of us are getting married. Here goes my food adventure with cousin, from now on, I would have to get a replacement or I will have to wander alone..... Here is to you, Elysia, all the best in your future. Thanks for being there for me most of the time.

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