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26 Mar 2013

Is it right to do so?

Taking the High Road or sink low?

Scenario 1: As most of you know that I have housemates / roommates, depending on what you want to refer them as. And I am sure most of you know, there will always be conflict among housemates. Especially when it comes to common area where EVERYONE has the responsibility to make sure that the area is clean. There are always the free-rider and pushover. In my case, I try to be neutral, I clean up after myself everytime and if I don't feel like cleaning, I don't make a mess, that is - I don't cook, I use the microwave, I use the toaster, the kettle, thats it.

Yesterday, after weeks and weeks of not cooking, I decided to cook some Japanese curry my cousin gave the remaining to me. Whilst cooking, "A" (lets call him A because his name starts with an A and he comes from a country that also start with a letter A) comes and tell me to clean up everytime after I cook.

I FELT OFFENDED! I immediately told him that yesterday was the first time in 2 months that I even cook using the cooker / hob and he comes around and TELL ME TO CLEAN UP EVERYTIME AFTER I COOK?! Of course I refused to take the blame for something that I did not do. I told him that it wasn't me, might be someone else, and guess what?! He asked whether I could talk to the other girl living in the same flat because (TAKE THIS) you guys are girls, you can communicate better.

That was the lamest, fuck ass reason I've ever heard, just because we are girls that doesn't necessary means we get along better. He just wants me to be the bad guy/ bitch that tell people off. You know what, if I were to tell the girl, I am quoting him word by word because he was the one annoyed by it, not me.

Secondly, what got me so pissed off is, he is exactly a clean freak himself. I put out a recycling bag that clearly states "THIS BAG IS FOR RECYCLING ONLY." (underline somemore) but he threw all his rubbish, including non-recyclables and unfinished rice and meat in it. Clearly since he was telling me off, I took the opportunity to tell him that that bag is for recycling only. Guess what he replied? "So, I had to separate it?" My immediate thoughts were WHAT?! I was speechless. So this is the question.

Question 1: Am I a horrible person if I were to "bad-mouth" people by quoting them because he made me tell some one off even though he is the one that couldn't stand the situation? While I am quite unbothered about it?

Scenario 2: I have a friend - B, lets just say she is from a country that I don't really fancy. To prove that I am not bias, I don't really like China Chinese especially those really .... ones, but I do have a friend that is from China and I enjoyed spending time with. Anyhow, that friend B committed herself to a part time job and because of that she missed some classes and frequently ask for my help in providing her notes. Notes that I diligently jotted down during lectures. That is I paid attention even though I might feel sleepy or bored. Also these notes are listened, processed and what was written are my own inputs and thoughts.

Due to this part time job, she always asked for my notes and I wasn't really happy to provide her my thoughts, because it might be silly if she read it or its too brilliant that she stole it without giving me credit, I know to think like this is extremely extremely selfish but hey, its a dog eat dog world, my inputs might get her the top marks while I don't. Also, she get paid for her job and due to that she is missing her main purpose of being here. Meaning she gets to earn the cash but I was the one doing her job, to a certain extent. If the situation were to reversed, will she help me? I don't think so, there were once I skipped half a lecture to go accompany my cousin for a theatre show, I asked whether I could borrow her notes, she told me she didn't take down any. I wasn't really sure that whether its a lie or she just doesn't want to lend it to me. I did not take it seriously as I had to take the consequences of picking leisure instead of work. Here's another question, should I help a friend out numerous times because of her other commitment? Let's put it this way, I would make sure I will be able to juggle between the 2 / 3 before committing and never ask for help, unless I was dying and I can't attend class, that was forgivable and understandable.

Question 2: Will I be horrible to refuse MY notes to a friend that couldn't attend a class because she has another commitment while her main job is to study and part time job is well, a part time job. P.S. She is not in dire need of money. But she gets paid and MY complete notes. While I share my thoughts (which is what it really counts in higher education) and no ££ from part time job.

Before you accused me of being a bitch, I do feel bad about that but I too feel that its incredibly unfair to me, I had to consider my welfare before others, am I wrong?

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