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23 May 2013

Spot new songs with Spotify

Music is part of everyone's life, music plays a huge part in my life. I started listening to music only during car rides where the radio is the only companion. Then I started purchasing cassette tapes and CD  in my high school years and continue to do so for years until I discovered downloading. I remembered that I used to blast the radio while studying. After leaving home to study in the UK, I was constantly alone, music became increasingly important, I will never leave the house without my ipod, it makes the bus rides, the tube rides and the waiting much more tolerable. Then when I started working, the car radio once again became my best friend, blasting it through the long car journey to work and to endure the traffic jam while going home. Now, back to the UK, the only constant item in all my bags is my ipod. This is how much music means to me.

I pride myself in looking for non-mainstream songs from indie bands, those that aren't Katy Perry or Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Mostly from tv series I watched, but now I had a whole new platform to discovered these new indie bands to add into my ipod- Spotify.

Spotify is a streaming service that holds lots and lots of songs from musicians, from the famous billboard songs to indie bands and songs from 60s and 70s. It is sorted in different genre in their radio function where you could pick only the genre that you like.

You will also have the option to save songs that you like and customise your own list. And whats best is IT IS FREE and available in Malaysia (launched just over a month ago)! Of course, you could opt for the premium accounts where there is no advertisement in between (basically it is like a radio where it will have an advertisement in between 10 songs or so.)

I learnt about Spotify not long ago and had been using it everyday when tv series had proved to be to much of a distraction when I am doing my revision. I really love this new streaming app, its easy to use and you don't have to download each & every songs and take up space in your computer, just stream and enjoy.

These are a few of new artists that I've discovered (they are not new per se, but new to me) and bands that I found from Spotify and enjoy.

Agnes Obel

Mumford & Sons

of Monsters and Men

Happy browsing through old songs, new songs, indie bands or the most current hit songs. Ok, now I think Spotify should give me free premium for a month or so for promoting.

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