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9 May 2013

Paying homage to The Rib Man's Holy Fuck sauce...

Every time I have a fresh new post, on that day, I have an exam, just to let you know that even with the exam, I still did managed to blog. =)

After weeks of nonsense from me and I hope the General Election 2013 hype had long died down, finally some pretty pictures to look at. I am still lazy to write up a proper update for my recent trip but here's some snippet of my life during exams month.

 On the 3rd of May, seeing the sky was beautiful and it will mark the end of a quarter of exams, Ipek and I decided to pay Street Feast London a visit. There are lots of markets and festival popping out starting spring because the weather gets better and eating outdoor is actually fun and relaxing, not torturing. I've tried eating outdoor during beginning of Winter, its not fun, you have to race with the cold to finish your food before it gets cold. 

Everyone was in a good mood, friendly, laid back and ready to have a good time. You would be amaze that why aren't Malaysian in better mood seeing we have great weather all year round. Appreciate what you have Malaysian, the length that British went to just get some sunlight, make us seems spoiled and unappreciative. Though its a tad warm for me, it beats freezing your fingers off fumbling for the burger, plus I get the chance to wear my sunglasses and no jacket. Why not?

First attempt to Panoramic picture and I think I did a good job for first timers.

We got the burger from The Ribman (http://www.theribman.co.uk/), they have a sauce called Holy Fuck. Its a spicy sauce, the owner was inspired by his customers that goes "Holy Fuck, its spicy." I suggested to Ipek to get the Holy Fuck sauce because it feels nice to say Holy Fuck. The owner smile and said he couldn't agree more. =) Malaysians, stop being so uptight. Its a fucking joke ok. 

End with a great view of Regents Canal and the sun. Life doesn't get better than sitting by the river / canal with drinks and nothing to worry about. Relatively. =)

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