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19 Jun 2013

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part II

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part I

Things do not stop there. We also eat ourselves into knowing new people. It feels pretty good, with just 500 calories, I obtained 2 fully grown man and am still recovering from the craziness.

One fine day after my second last exam, I was telling Pretty Girl that I planned to go jogging, although that was a tentative plan. She wanted to join to be healthier, which forces me to make it into an actual plan. Thank you very much.

The jogging was fine, its more like talking, walking and jogging. We talked, we laughed, we stopped for pictures and then we talk again. After a long walk and a visit to The Departure (an art community centre) where I got 2 second hand books for £3.50.  We decided to go for dinner and she came up with Half Moon as a suggestion. I naturally would not say no unless I am very uncomfortable. So, Half Moon it is.

Half Moon is a pub near the university and is usually plague with university students looking to socialise or simply to get a meal because we can't bother to prepare our own meal. We live near the university so naturally that was an obvious choice. Even though she was conscious of her appearance, we decided to stew in our own sweat and went for dinner without changing into clean clothes.

I ordered chicken and she ordered steak. Dessert was wonderful and we gave strawberry cider a go (Not my cup of cider, I must say) Then we spotted Cider Man, having cider with his 2 friends. First remark from Pretty Girl is that Dr Red Nose looks hot (Ok fine, he is the hottest Dr I know so far). Cider Man invited us to their table and this is how we get to know Cider Man abit more and Dr Red Nose along with a very impressive Mandarin speaking Dr D (he is not Chinese but spent 2 years in Taiwan). London continued to surprise me with every decision I made. Let me get this clear, I like my own bubble very much, I am almost uncomfortable to meet new people. But in the attempt on reinventing myself, my priority is to do things that seems fun but am extremely uncomfortable in doing. Should we be abit more shy that we are, we would not know Dr Red Nose and Dr D. They are real life Big Bang Theory characters – physicists. Ok, maybe not yet a Dr but they are a Phd nearer than me to being a Dr.

Cider Man is a British, Pretty Girl is a Thai, Dr Red Nose is an Austrian and me, a Malaysian. Unlike other Europeans, Dr Red Nose is a fan of spicy food and his knowledge on spicy food is much deeper than mine. Together we made plans to have Thai Cuisine the second time we meet. Pretty Girl took along another pretty girl, which is also Thai. That makes us 5 people from 4 nations.

So, where did the nonsense come from? Alcohol is always a common bonding beverage, but when you are in Europe, its more common than water or coffee. Pub is always the default hang-out place and you go to pub whenever you feel bored or just cause. Naturally, when there is booze, there are nonsense and nonsense it is. We talked about nonsense. We act and behave like it. But to be fair, the nonsense mostly comes from Pretty Girl and me.

Due to the cultural differences between all of us, a Western European, an Eastern European with a mixture of 3 young Asian girls throw in some booze, conversations goes wild. Pardon me for forgetting most of it, I was under the influence of alcohol. But its suffice to say that, if I could not drink before, I am well under training.

Cider Man once said "I am gonna make an alcoholic out of you". I must say - Well done, you are doing a good job.

P.S Pretty Girl - Thanks for being the best audience to my jokes and my lame attempts of adding unconventional adjective to literally everything. =)

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