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24 Jun 2013

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part III - Thai Food

5 People, 4 Nations and a whole lot of nonsense Part II

If I haven't said enough that I absolutely love my experience away from home, I hereby announced that no matter what downs that I went through living in London, the ups more than compensated for it.

In the past 3 weeks, I've learnt more new language than I did for the past 5 years. Thai, French and some German, mostly alcohol related however. =) I also learnt about what you do if you happen to be a Phd student studying Astro Physics and what you do to give back or contribute (or rather to plot a world wide demolition) to humanity with your expertise. I've learnt what Phd student(s) do during their free time and also Jack Daniels taste like coffee - I might had find my drink.

I came from a line of business experts. My friends are either lawyers or accountants or filthy rich heir and heiress that will inherit their parents' corporation someday. It is a breath of fresh air when it comes to meeting scientists and to find out that scientists had more fun than us business experts. In Cider Man's defence, Astro Physicists are more fun than normal Physicists. Fair enough, they study planets and horoscopes, what's not interesting about horoscope and planets right?

Back to the main topic here. Thai Food. Or food in general, humans bond over dining. Chinese are famed for their huge celebration where a 3-days / 7-days feast were held. That was ancient Chinese or you are filthy rich. Alcohol is never a stranger to Western cultures where drinking alcohol is not only limited to special occasions but on a daily / weekly basis or whenever they feel like it.

Thai food is quite similar to Chinese food, although Chinese food differs according to provinces in China and countries. Certain provinces in China are famed for their ability to eat spicy food. There's a Chinese saying that goes "四川人不怕辣,湖南人怕不辣" - which translates into people from Si Chuan aren't afraid of spicy food but people from Hunan are afraid that food are not spicy. While other provinces has saltier food and others make wonderful dessert. Thai food is definitely on the spicy side - which is also where my weakness is.

Personally I am a dessert person but if its good enough, I would not decline food from any nutritional / taste group. But I am never a big fan of spicy food. Main reason is that my parents taught us not to drink whilst eating to avoid being full before we are actually full. But with spicy food, I need lots and lots of water to keep the "spicyness" down. But due to my parents teaching, I never really associate water / drinks with eating, its is always AFTER the meal. Due to this, I tried to avoid spicy food that would make me reach for water with every bite.

However, gluttony is my other weakness. So when asked to have any food together, I will never say no. We planned on a trip to Thai restaurant before Pretty Girl goes home for the month. I am always a lazy person that would not fuss about the ingredients that I have in my food. If I could do without in the spices that would "bring out the taste" or to make "different layers of taste" in my food, I would gladly eliminate it. More than often, in contradiction to my gluttony nature, my food requires only the microwave and toaster to get it cooked.

Here are some pictures from the night (Addie's Thai Restaurant), I apologise for not having enough pictures, I was too busy enjoying myself. =) Needless to say, I love the papaya salad. I am not a cooking genius and don't quote me on this, but I tasted green mango, mango that are not thoroughly ripe and is on the sour side, but of course I could be wrong.

And there's Pretty Girl helping us with the Tom Yam soup.
From top to bottom: Mussel dish, Asparagus dish, Weeping Tiger and Papaya salad.

Despite the fact that I am not very good in enjoying spicy food. I enjoyed the food and watching Cider Man sweat through half of the dinner while Dr Red Nose was as cool as he could ever be. Both Europeans, both react amazingly different to spicy food. In between all that, trying to look as normal as possible with a runny nose (from the spicy food).

To explain the Weeping Tiger dish, a beef dish with a very interesting story behind it - it was said that this part of the cow is so good that when a tiger eats it, the tiger weeps. The taste and texture of the beef is so tender and good, best of all, it is not spicy. =p

Dessert that doesn't look as attractive as French pastries or macarons but the taste of it does give it a run for its money. Asian desserts such as Hong Kong style bean curd, Malaysian Cendol, Thai's Mango Pudding, none of them looks as presentable as a tiramisu or a black forest. But when it comes to taste, you could have endless supply of bean curd and never get sick of it but the thick creamy texture of black forest and the sweetness of macarons, one just can't have too many. So its suffice to say that as I prefer bread as my main intake of carbohydrate, when it comes to desserts, my favourite will always be Asian desserts - less calories, more nutritional qualities.

Needless to say, we ended up in the pub again. Hehe. Dr Red Nose was yawning on the way there (it was about 30 minutes tube ride from east to west London) and back, but after the word pub was mentioned, the yawning ceased. The power of the word PUB, one really can't underestimate it.

Because the colour is just so pretty - with a pretty background.
One Brazilian, one Blue Lagoon, one Toffee Apple cider and a sip of Whisky and coke concluded the wonderful night of spicy food. Two days later, Pretty Girl took a 13 hour plane ride back home and I am stuck working on my dissertation, missing the weekly pub outing, which also means that the nonsense took a one week break, hopefully there is more to come.

Till then ....

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