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10 Jun 2013

The end of an era

The end of an era wouldn't be the same with alcohol. Although with a 2 year gap, I think I am officially done with education. Pursuing further was originally in my mind but I ruled out the possibility once I realised that although I love learning, I prefer to do it the other way now. So, yes, its the end of an era. No going back, no more studies.

To mark the end of exams, Malaysians would probably go for a movie and hang out in a coffee place then hit the clubs at night. Here things are done a bit differently. We sit under the sun to get our "life" back because we were all pale and frail after the exam. Adding a little bit of colour to ourselves isn't a bad idea.

So, a friend of mine suggested Barbecue to take in the sun. Thats the culture difference. They love the sun. I love the sun now but haven't always been a fan of the sun because I came from a hot country where the only season we have is Summer. If we are permitted, we will be wearing bikini top everywhere we go.

But interestingly enough, I once met a British that claims our buses are too cold and he needs a sweater when travelling around by bus. Well, we do love our air-conditioning. Air-conditioning is as common as heater. Its almost a MUST even though human had went through the heat surviving only by fan but I think air-conditioning is a way of lying to yourself by pretending that you could enjoy the cold as the 4 seasons countries does. At least I know I do. I used to stuck my head in the freezer pretending that its winter and always get excited when there are "mist" coming out of my mouth when the weather gets too cold.

Anyway, after spending 4 years abroad and a few trips to the cold nations, I start to appreciate the sun bit by bit. England is famed with its gloomy, cloudy weather. At times, I wish I were at home. The long awaited Summer is here and this is what we do.

When accompanied by the sun, the wind seems pleasant but when the sun hides behind the cloud, we had to put on our sweater at times due to the chilly wind. My Norwegian friend was made fun of,  because due to his upbringing in Norway, he shouldn't feel cold, not compared to us Tropical girls. This marks the end of exam, there is still dissertation to work on. But for now, I will enjoy the sun, enjoy the company, good beverage and good mood. =)

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