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13 Jun 2013

Crocodile and Ostrich

Recommended by the very friendly management of my building, this is my first time trying African food blessed with crocodile, ostrich and zebra meat. The meat doesn't get more exotic than these.

The restaurant - Shaka Zulu is located at Camden, a very hip area in London full of character from young people. Think 1970s' power in the 21st century.

The restaurant is just like Africa - mystery yet intriguing, welcoming but distant at the same time. Long story short, food are exquisite. Crocodile and ostrich meat are really similar to beef but Crocodile meat is slightly harder but in a good way while ostrich texture is like a slightly cooked steak when its medium rare.

I really think the sugar stick is a very special way to "store" sugar rather than in the usual sugar packets or sugar jar. To end the special meal that brought me to Africa, I ordered a cup of english breakfast tea to whipped me back to reality.

I will definitely go back to the restaurant and try all different exotic meat that is otherwise scarce elsewhere.

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