Written while Drunk on Thoughts

19 Mar 2014


Don't be. I felt that I owed it to concern friends to have this post before I go full-on "emotional" with my poems.

I recently was introduced poetry writing by my Creative Writing tutor and had written quite a few poems ever since. Having previously studied Shakespeare's poems in school, I was put off writing poems solely because of the rigid RULE in writing one. After being exposed to more modern and less "rule-obeyed" poems, I find writing poem much more challenging than stories.

To me, writing poem is trying to convey my message with considerably fewer lines than stories. Putting together words that made the strongest impact and leaving some room for imagination are the most challenging part of it. And of course, the best part of writing poem.

All the poems are not exactly fictional but it does not reflect my current situation. So, concern family, friends and reader, DON'T BE. Its all for creative purposes, no heart was broken in the process.

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