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20 Dec 2012

What I would do if 21 December 2012 is the end of the world

Obviously, this is a scheduled post and I hope that I would have the chance to check back after I get back from Paris. Or I would have the chance to log in while around Paris. I am afraid there is no pictures in this post, I know how much human like visual aids and dislike lengthy blob of words. I thank you profusely for being patient with me, checking back to support my rambling. I am truly humbled.

If 21st is the last day on earth, I would find a hot French guy and fuck his and my brain out. I mean that would be the ultimate best way to die, isn't it? I am not a slut but hey, no one would get to judge me since the world ended right? Either that or everyone knows what I am going to do and we somehow ended up in a different dimension, be it heaven or hell or anywhere in between.

Lets hope whatever it is, I want a brand new sets of everything because I know I can't keep the good without keeping the bad. I will say the good is not good enough and worth it enough for me to keep the bad. I want clean slate and hopefully with a stronger heart or the same heart with no feelings, like Sheldon. It hurts less.

Alright, back to what I would do is 21st December is the last day. I would wear a set of Mickey ears and go crazy at Disneyland the day before, making sure it live up to its name of being the happiest place on earth. A rather good place to die / disappear / whatever that happen to the earth, don't you agree?

Another thing, spent all the money and eat ALL the food. I would not have to worry about calories and gaining weight the next day. I would call my family just for the sake of it, no regrets in the future. I would like to try everything under the sky. Everything, absolutely everything. Though I had pretty much tried everything is there to try, I still hope that I would finish my bucket list before the end, most of those are illegal, in which I think I made a mistake of going Paris, I should go to Amsterdam.

Oh well, it is still wonderful to be somewhere else besides home. I always like the fact of living far away from home and like the fact that I was being missed. Even though the feeling of that was stronger,  I still like the novelty of shocking people when I go home. So I hope whoever that is reading this is missing me right now. Also I wish everyone got their wishes if there happen to be a chance of making over.

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