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18 Dec 2012

I love living in London

You learn everything new everyday, meet new people everyday, everyday there would be a conversation that would leave you with a smile. In this cold-blooded huge city, there is still little things that warm up hearts everyday. Be it a compliment or a simple thanks given by a stranger that you held the door for, this never happens in Malaysia. Looks like Malaysians are more cold-blooded. Remember my good karma coffee, I can be 200% sure that without any money, I am not walking off with my coffee in Malaysia, even if it meant that the coffee would end up down the drain or in the bin. One thing I am clear is I M NOT WALKING OFF WITH THE COFFEE.

Anyway, Christmas is around the corner and my days was filled with chilling out, accidentally falling asleep while watching Veronica Mars and cleaning up my much neglected room and looking for good food. =)

Here are some pictures from my friday outing. This is the most chillax day I had in a while, being a London temporary resident, I decided to do what Londoners generally do although Londoners should be working on a friday but I am busy on the weekends so I decided to pretend to be a Londoner on a Friday.

I started the rainy day with a cup of Americano.

This cosy little cafe is wonderful, its located between the busy Oxford Street and China Town. Perfect.

Followed by Eggs Benedict with raw salmon on a toast, with a Captain American shield as a plate.

Then I followed my cousin to a supply store which sells ribbons and a lot of other sewing supplies which I can't name.

Head on to the largest Paperchase at Tottenham Court Road. I wish I have a Christmas tree to hang all these ornaments on.

Proceed to send my letters, I hope it reaches soon enough for Christmas.

Its a rainy day in London but its still as busy as ever with a danger of getting my eyes poke blind by umbrellas.

Follow up by a sit in Starbucks patiently waiting for my cousin. If you are wondering did any cute German guy came up and talk to me this time, no, there is none and I'm utterly disappointed.

Dinner - Mushroom truffle ravioli with cheese sauce. Doesn't look extraordinary nice but tasted divine.

Buffalo salad with a huge chunk of Burrata.

Got home at night and received these cards. Made my day even better. Its just so personal and cute.

Next day I decided to be a paparazzi and took this picture of my favourite lecturer giving presentations on Saturday, looking all casual.

A closer look of him.

While writing this, Im craving for a soy latte from Costa, but the rain is not helping, lets see when the rain stop. I am gonna go get coffee. My day as a fake Londoner. Fun?

P.S. All photos are taken with my 2 MONTH OLD Iphone 5... just to be extremely snobby (hehe, this is for you JY). Hehe, I am just kidding. I hope you enjoy your Christmas as much as me, although I would probably be waking up late and lie around whole day doing nothing. =p

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  1. HAHAHAHA Merry Xmas la! Who knows xmas may not come since doomsday coming sooner XD