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27 Dec 2012

Paris Revisited Day 1 - Part 2 Disneyland,Paris

Disneyland, Paris Day 1, Part 2

*I would like to apologise for the grainy night photos in advance, I tried my best to capture those photos but I guess most knows that night shots aren't easy & I am not the most camera-savvy person.*

After the parade, we continue our adventure in Disneyland & I spotted these.

 This pink chair is so cute, I wanted to steal it back.

 Tea party anyone?

Since we had nothing in mind, we decided to head in this absolutely gorgeous mansion (I didn't know what's in it)

We had to wait for 20 minutes but we had mickey mouse cartoon show to keep us entertained. You know Disney doesn't make their cartoons like that anymore. Now, its all High School Musical, which is a shame really. But I am glad that throughout my 3 day adventure in Disneyland, I NEVER stumble upon anything High School Musical. I guess the French dislike those as much as I do.

until .....

We met Mickey!!!! He is such a gentleman, greeting us with a kiss on the hand. Its dark & Disneyland isn't that easy to wander around in the dark, but we stumble upon a ride which fits right into the dark - Pirates of the Carribean.

Apologies for the blurry picture, iphone is still too slow for the moving ride.

We bumped into a tree house which would make a very cosy home in Malaysia, if its not for the rain but probably not the best idea to have it in Paris. It was too dark & pictures can't even came out right but check out the view from the tree house.

Hehe, then its time for the fireworks & laser show with Peter Pan theme. It starts with Peter asking Wendy to fly with him to Neverland & continues with Cogsworth singing with Lumiere together Mrs Potts. It then continues with Aladdin bringing everyone on a ride on the magic carpet & following Rapunzel to the lake where all the flying lanterns (to us who Chinese 孔明灯) are. It was magical, I didn't know Disneyland actually make me feel "WAHHH....AHHH....WOOOWWW!!!!" more than I was as a kid. Let's try & see whether the video works. Apologies if the video doesn't work.

Going back to Disneyland makes me feel princess-y again. You know the feeling that every girl has, every girl thinks they are a princess, at least at some point of their life. My princess-y moment isn't when I was young, I was kind of a tomboy back then & didn't want to be a princess (my parents never treated me like one either), I never own a dress until I was a teen & started dating. It was then I felt like a princess. *not to worry, this princess had "de-princessed" now & possibly too old to feel like a princess anymore*

Right after the laser show, Disneyland closes its door & we head over to Disney Village for dinner. Dinner was a disaster because everyone in Disneyland are trying to get dinner. Went into this steakhouse.

With all kinds of cuts but the queue is almost 2 hours long, so we decided on a bagel & a cup of coffee in Starbucks. I will leave the Day 2 in Disneyland Paris for another post. Perhaps the next, I didn't want to have a very very very long post & bore you guys out. So, see you tomorrow. Keep following my post for more experience on Disneyland & Paris city. How I look at it & how I feel about it, both wonderful & scary.

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