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30 Dec 2012

Paris Revisited Day 2 - Part 2 Disneyland,Paris

I am sure most people knows that most things in movie are fake or rather fake-ish. Like the remote control life size car or the amazing car race that makes you go "ahh, wahh....". Watching a stunt show in Disneyland revealed their secret even further. Here's some still pictures & a short video segment of the stunt show. *again, pardon the shaking hands, you try filming video with your hand up in the sky in the cold*

I like how the cars "dance" around & you see the red car driving around reversing? Its actually a car built the other way round - when the car is going forward, it looks like a car going backwards & vice versa. I am no petrol head but I am enjoying the show. 

Then I spotted something interesting.

Now so in. Even pacifier has an accessories that does nothing but look pretty. I was so tempted to borrow from the kid to take pictures but he was giving me the suspicious eyes. Speaking of kids, I am sure most of you know I am no fan of them but I was surrounded by all these cute kids, they are either wearing princess dress or racing car suit & even leather jacket. So cute, ok, next time if I have a son, I will dress him in leather jacket sans pacifier with accessories. I guess I have to admit, their kids are cuter than our kids. Hahahaha.

I used to love snow globes when I was young, the sole reason is because Malaysia doesn't snow & it is fun to watch the pretty snow in them "snow". Now they replace the "snow" with sprinkles & I actually experienced real snow, I still think they are pretty but no longer like them as much but look at this. Shame its heavy to lug around, if not, I will sure get it.

Disneyland across the world, I ticked 2 in Disneyland checklist. How about you?

Then it is souvenir time....Hehehe, who doesn't love souvenir?

We chose King Ludwig's for dinner

Nice choice ordering french onion soup in France....lol

My Pretzel Burger.

Stroganoff rice

Then I took a stroll around my Hotel.

Just think this looks artistic but in reality its a lost focus shot. hahahaha

Ghostly cowboy town that was abandoned, which is also my Hotel.

Signing off with a beautiful picture of the castle.
Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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