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21 Dec 2012

The Hobbit

Ok, looks like the world didn't end. Well, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and actually like it. I went to this little independent cinema near where I live, Genesis Cinema. Of course, the service aren't the best you ever encountered but it is somehow bearable. And no, I did not give the cinema the benefit of the doubt. I gave "The Hobbit" the benefit of the doubt.

There's my cousin getting some nachos to go with the movie.

Artwork for sale.

Front ticket counter and coffee bar.

This is how the interior look, I can't be bothered with the exterior because it doesn't do justice to the experience I had. I reserved for 2 tickets at Studio 5, their most famous theatre hall. Let me show you why it is famous.

Look at the cinema!!!

Didn't this resemble some home theatre of a rich dude?

With a charming built-in cinema.

We bought Nachos for the movie but as always, Nachos finished before the movie started.

Some blur picture of me trying very hard to show how awesome the cinema is.

I tried but I failed but the experience was great. I still think the movie was abit too long and there were no ending to it but I rather enjoyed it. Better than the Lord of the Rings movies and also understood the ever continuous stereotype of human. How can people not think the tall and slim are pretty & superior while the short & not so attractive are the exact opposite. This whole stereotype started ages ago.

The movie experience was definitely something I enjoyed. I would probably not go again because for the price, I could go 2 movies for a normal cinema with my student discounts. That being said, I did not regret both my choice of movie & cinema.

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