Written while Drunk on Thoughts

17 Dec 2012


I just got a rather unsettling news. (At least for me) And all these questions are popping up in my head "Will I have the chance? Will I be picked even though I had screwed up twice before?" Once receiving a warning letter and once was warned for making another honest mistake. Even though things got better at the end. True, things might seem better from other's perspective but still, I don't think its not unusual for someone to think otherwise.

I am really sure that its not what I wanted to do but somehow I was hoping for the zodiac prediction to be true. I know that I'm rather new in work life but still seeing someone more junior surpasses you aren't a really good feeling, especially when you might be the one chosen instead of him/her if you chose to hang in there longer. Yet again, I don't think I am on my right path, I wanted to be an economist and now im studying to be an investment banker? Really, I have to right the wrong and start working on it.

I threw away everything that I had because I don't like it and start new, I am trying to have a job that I like. There is a saying that goes "find a job that you like and you won't have to work a day in your life". That is what I am going to strive for, of course, if it comes with huge pay check, it would be a bonus.

But after I go to classes and out in the fresh very very cold air, I felt better. Less loser-ish. And I had a good long thought about it. These are not the thing I wanted, so even if I managed to get it, I doubt I will be happy or would be in it for the long haul.

The thing I learnt from all this is, the bitchier you are, the better you get to places, so there goes my resolution of the year of being less mean and taking care of my drama. My inspiration, Blair Waldorf. From now on, my game face will be my "Blair Waldorf face". Hahaha. So, game on bitches. I may not be as mean and would sacrifice as much to get there, I think I am ready to give in anything to reach the top of the corporate ladder. Well, of course not to the extent some would....you know who and what I meant....in the mean time, game on bitches.

Screenshot from Gossip Girl: The Revengers

"Bart Bass may be able to fool the FBI but he has never have to face off against Blair Waldorf and her bitches." (Gossip Girl, The Revengers, Blair Waldorf)

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