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23 Dec 2012

All things Christmas

*Being possibly the last Christmas preparation that we human kinds have, I hope everyone is having fun preparing. (If you still think I believe in the End of the World, let me correct you there - I don't believe in the End of the World - If I do, I would be wasting my time and energy partying away instead of opting to do something that would end well after 21st December 2012. Its just to follow the trend).*

Christmas Presents

Firstly, these come today (17 December 2012)! I wasn't expecting it to come today and was pleasantly surprise when I got them.

Not the best photo of them but trust me, I really love these, I have 8 of them. All bracelets. I am a sucker of chunky, funky jewellery with a flair of femininity. In fact, I like all my stuff to have these 3 elements in it: cool, boyish with a bit of girly charm. Fussy, I know.

All of them are so pretty, aren't they? I particularly love the one with a turquoise stone and the one with a deep sapphire stone because its a gift from someone who knows I love them. I have mini drawers dedicated to all my favourite accessories. I have lots and lots of accessories but only those I love was kept in there.

Christmas Drinks

So far I had been enjoying Christmas edition coffee drinks from Eggnog latte to Creme brulee latte as well as Salted Caramel Latte. Even though I enjoyed it due to the reason that its not really available in Malaysia and I would like to try everything, I still prefer good old latte. Unpretentious and full of milk (soy milk as I was trying something new). Also, it was fun to learn that Costa coffee made iced drinks completely different than how Starbucks or any cafe in Malaysia did it. They would blend the hot coffee with ice until its runnier than frappuccino consistency and add cold milk (soy milk) and just add a few cubes of ice. After 2 hours, the iced drink is still good and undiluted by the huge amount of ice. I say, good job for being so thoughtful in preparing drinks for the customer.

Again, the photo doesn't show much of a difference but the fact that Costa employee took the trouble to make it perfect is great and not to mentioned the amount of coffee is always more than they are suppose to. Malaysians, can we not be so kiam siap (hokkien for stingy) and skim on these little cost?

If only there is Eggnog on Christmas and a fireplace (ok, I shall sit in front of my heater and pretend that its a fireplace that doesn't have a fire, only warm air coming out from it).

Christmas Weather

The weather was extremely cold the night I visited Winter Wonderland and it has been extremely sunny in the morning since then. The temperature is around 7 to 10 degree celsius in the day and possibly around 6 degree celsius at night. So I think there will be the age old question, will there be a white Christmas? I find it unlikely if the warm weather continue but it would be an extremely nice "present" if it would be snowing on Christmas eve and Christmas day, I promised not to complain about the cold weather.

Also, I hope it would be sunny and less cold during my time in Paris although I had made the precaution by buying gloves and woolly hat (I am not really a winter kind of person, though I appreciate the coldness when I was younger, I learnt to appreciate the wonderful warmth that Malaysia have to offer now).

Christmas Meals

I had been having christmas meals at the university for a few times, including Honey glazed pork leg with a side of carrots and brussel sprouts together with turkey and some other pork dishes. Apologies for not having the pictures to show but trust me. All of it is really really tasty and if not different from the one we have in Malaysia. Brussel sprout had a bad name among lots of people but after this particular meal, I can say I am a brussel sprout convert. =p

Christmas meals doesn't only have to be western food, Japanese can too be Christmassy.

It has all sorts of red and green in them, tell me its not Christmassy. =) Posting this make me crave for Chirashi don again. Yum...

Lets see what more Christmassy stuff I experienced other than Winter Wonderland and those mentioned. I guess thats about it. Shall we start with a New Year theme experiences? Care to share what had you done for Christmas? Exchanging Christmas Presents? Christmas Meal? Christmas Party, getting drunk?

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