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16 Dec 2012


I never believed in karma, not really. But I am also afraid that it might be real and come back to bite me in the ass, so while being mean, i try to be less mean. If it make sense. Why karma all the sudden? A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a panini and a cup of coffee to go and obviously paid for it, whilst the cashier did not have enough change to give me back, he dug for it from his tip jar. Well, I don't think it is correct to take their tip money as change, I gave it back (its not much, but not exactly little either. 

Fast forward 2 weeks, I was buying coffee at the library. I have no cash on me so I paid with card (yes, u can pay less than £5 with cash). Well, the till decided to screw up and decided not to take my card and as I was cashless, I told the cashier I m out of cash. He non-chalantly gave me back my card and said "Take that." Pointed to the 2 cups of coffee and said "take that and go." I was mortified, seriously? That was £4.95 worth of coffee, not much but still its something. Mortifiedly, I took the coffee and leave. I debated whether to pay them back or just let it go. Of course, the guilt get into me and I decide to get cash from cash machine and took a trip to the library and pay him back. 

I went back to the library and the actual conversation goes like this 
Me: "Let me pay you back for the coffee"
Cashier guy: "No."
Me: "I came all the way here, at the very least let me pay."
Cashier guy: "ok, what did you had?"
Me: "Regular latte and cappuccino"
Cashier guy: "thats what I thought, its alright."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Cashier guy: "Yes, i got it sorted out."
Me: "Alright then, thank you very much."

I named the coffee good karma coffee which look like this

really, you cant tell but its a latte and cappuccino (I can have up to 6 cups of coffee per day, coffee is my water)

Me giving back £0.60 of tips and get 2 complimentary coffee(s). 

Good karma set in, so from now on. I will be less mean, more patience. Made that my new year resolution. Maybe I will win a life long coffee sponsor from Starbucks. But 2012 was nearer to great, I scratched off most of my list. 

Its almost christmas time and classmates and I went to Winter Wonderland 2 days ago, checkout my previous post for more pictures. 

Its better than what I remembered. I hated that the last time I went. Either way, I think things have a way of being better, I am currently replacing my old memories with new ones. I hated Winter Wonderland that I went 4 years ago. Now, I am glad I went. Lets see how good would Paris go...

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