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11 Jul 2013

July - the month I am turning a year older

In 9 days time, I will be turning 24. I haven't really manage to get the fact that I am turning 20 in my head just right and I am now turning 24. I have to stop lying to myself and own it up that I am not that young anymore and it did scare me a little thinking about the uncertain future.

Anyway, this year would be less eventful as I might be spending it by myself in London. 3 years ago, I spent my 21st birthday at the Natural History Museum and mostly on the tube getting squashed going to and back from the airport, sending my father and brother home after a short holiday. Then I proceeded to spend the rest of the day with my mother where we went to Kensington High Street for dinner. It wasn't that much special but the fact that its the first time I get to spend my birthday at a foreign land intrigued me.

This year will be the second time I spend my birthday in London, not for the same reason and I have to submit my dissertation draft on that day itself. Friends aren't in the city to celebrate and I won't be going home for summer as usual. As I grow older, birthday did not seem like a big deal. Granted, I am not the kind of person that denies my own birthday and age, nor will I ever make a big deal out of it. I celebrated my birthday once in my life time, my parents threw me a party and that was the end of it. But presents are always always welcome. =)

Recent few years' celebration were usually merged with my mother's birthday (hers was on the 19th July - just a day before mine), we usually go for dinner on her birthday but claims that its for the both of us. Really, its on her birthday, so its for her. Not that I really mind, but I suppose someone that had celebrated more than half a century's birthday should give it to one that have yet pass a quarter of century?

As I thought things would be the same, my cousin gave me a surprise by appearing in London out of no where. She text me early in the morning to tell me she has a surprise, I thought she's planning to come to London. Boy am I wrong, she is already in London. This sparked a few impromptu meals and sleepover as well as a mini trip.

I apologise for a filler post, days had been uneventful filled with late night sleep, late wake up time, time in the park (there is only so much you could see in the park). Ending here with my early birthday surprise.

Sorry I had to - my arms look so slim here. *Pat self on head* - good job me, you got what you wanted.

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