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1 Jul 2013

Stockholm Syndrome

Travel break

During my Easter break, I decided to visit Copenhagen for a couple of days and it seems wrong not to go to either Sweden or Norway. I like going to a few countries at a time due to distance and transportation reason. So, I decided to go to Stockholm without knowing much about what is Sweden famous for (except blondes maybe? But that is irrelevant).

Well, once again, I proved myself wrong by getting out of my way to do things that I don't feel like or rather to go places that I don't feel like. Copenhagen is the main destination and Stockholm is just because its near-ish (5 hours train ride). I fell in love with Stockholm there and then. I found my favourite place on earth 5 years back when I visited Amsterdam but I changed my mind after a trip to Stockholm.

Things I've learnt from the trip: I love Scandinavian designs - simple, clean and to the point. See Acne, & Other Stories. I fell in love with Danish and Swedish musicians - Agnes Obel, First Aid Kit. Swedes are so friendly. While I have to admit they lack the Asian character that many of my friends find charming, they make up for it with their friendliness and warmth.

Favourite place in Stockholm: Gamla Stan (The Old Town), connected by a bridge straight on to the main shopping street - Södermalm's, streets are cobbled and narrow, slightly above sea level which allows you to admire the town with the sea as a background.

Stadshuset where all the intelligence are being awarded.

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