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22 Jul 2013


I recently celebrated my 24th birthday, I just got around to accept me being 21 and bam! I am 24. Time is so cruel. From now on, if anyone ask, I am 18. Forever.

Anyway, this year was ordinary yet extraordinary. It started out somewhat normal because I have to hand in my dissertation final draft. And in all glory, procrastination is being the most productive. However, due to the obscenely hot weather, I had minimal sleep, waking up every couple of hours, wiping off sweat from my forehead, trying extremely hard not to peel off every single thread from me and sleep stark naked in front of the open window. During those sleepless morning, I somehow find myself being useful, working on the dissertation little by little. At least the heat served its purpose.

Cousin was here in London and as she will be here until morning of 19 July, we had an early celebration.

Pretty standard, a dinner with a present that I wasn't expecting. Honestly, she being here is a present enough.

Miraculously, I somehow managed to complete 95% of the dissertation by 19th July as promised. So, with still more than 24 hours left for the dissertation deadline, the celebration begins. I started out lying under the sun for a good 20 minutes after a revisit to childhood times, climbing up scary looking trampoline and conquered a 2-stories high rocket-shaped playground equipment. In fact, it wasn't a revisit, it was a successful first attempt.

It follows with aimless walks before getting home to get ready for the night. Coincidentally, the colours of our outfit matched. Its black and white, its hardly a coincident. I headed to a gay pub near King's Cross. Having not been to a gay pub, I was fed alcohol well before then. Safe to say, after half a pint of Guinness, I was wiped. But somehow, I still managed to played the best game of pool in my life, having previously played twice. I managed beat someone who had been playing for the past 20 years of his life.

Hugs and kisses were flying all over the entire night, I admit I might be a tad too friendly, it scares someone a little. I stayed for 15 minutes of a wonderful cabaret by Dolly Diamond and probably got pissed at for leaving half way through. But with a zero tolerance to alcohol, its best not to make a mess. Its suffice to say that I went straight home and fell asleep.

I woke up 6 hours later with no hangover watsoever, I continue to finish the 5% of my dissertation. By 10, I finished and submitted, ready to enjoy another day of celebration. Things went pretty slow within the first half of the day. I laze around, talking shit and emptying my wallet with the occasionally calls from the family to wish me Happy Birthday. Determined to make my birthday somewhat interesting, my friend told me off for doing such mundane task on my birthday and dragged me to the pub for drinks and a game of pool. After the trauma of the previous night, I decided to stay clear from alcohol and start with diet pepsi. The game of pool sucked. I was horrible. With the theory that I should be tipsy to be good in playing pool, I ordered Courvoisier with a splash of coke. First glass went down well, I got better in playing pool. Then come the next glass, game of pool improved but I didn't. I went into the tipsy stage and got really hungry.

The only meal I had on my birthday and eating like a hobo. Disgraceful.

Not hard to guess what colour balls is mine. 

We stopped by Tesco, got a bottle of sparkling wine and a can of Pringles and head home. It doesn't take a genius to guess what I did next. I went face flat on my bed and slept the night away. The weather was kind to me, I slept with no interruption for 10 hours and woke up feeling extremely good.

With only a handful of people wishing my Happy Birthday and in grand total I received 1 present from my cousin, 1 "sort of" present from a friend and 1 card from a very good friend. But this is by far the most memorable birthday ever. I had my first gay pub experience, I got drunk and really happy and I had 2 days worth of celebration (its still on going). It was nothing like the first time I celebrated in London and I am quite sure that no future birthday will beat this routine yet spontaneous birthday. Not to mention, I met someone new that share the same birthday. I hereby declare that I am a firm believer that anything can happen, planned or not.

To all that wished me Happy Birthday, I thank you sincerely. To those that made an effort, I love you. To all that doesn't, its alright, I am not good with birthdays too.

Now, I just need a decent piece of cake and I will officially end the celebration for good, until next year at least.

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