Written while Drunk on Thoughts

14 Jul 2013


He is everything that you loathe. Everything you deemed negative, everything that you don't approve that of me, everything you tried to prevent, everything that you think that is more inferior than you. Well, I am now everything you dislike, everything you do not approve off and hanging out with people you would not have know due to the choices of friends you make.

But I am happier now, I felt free and relieved. I no longer have to care about what you would think and whether you would judge if I act a certain way. My friends are no less than what you are despite their habits. In fact, they are the greatest people I knew, they don't judge, they are just there to be my friends. These are the friends I needed and these are the friends I wanted.

If I appear to be reminiscing about our past, I can tell you that mistake is a huge blessing in disguise. Not only I found my true calling, you might have found the one person you would approve of and not constantly trying to make me into your ideal partner.

Things with him may seem bad from every single perspective you see in. But trust me, just because he enjoys those activities, it doesn't mean he is a horrible person mixing a recipe of disaster. Just like having a tattoo doesn't change a person from good to bad. Give him time, he will grow and decide for himself. I witnessed some pretty great examples, things always turns out ok. =)

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