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25 Jul 2013

Ink revisit

Piercings and tattoos are always my forte, whilst I am not old enough to have a tattoo at the age of 15, I certainly am old enough for piercings, I started having my first 2 piercing at the age of 12 and only stopped at about 17 / 18. I have a total of 6 piercings and countless hours of pain I had to endure with me.

Tattoo was always at the back of my mind, while my mother would murder me for a tattoo, I told my dad that someday I will definitely have a tattoo. His only advice?
'Just make sure its not a boy's name, not even your husband.'
I was 17, boy seems more appropriate.

Carrying the thought with me everywhere I go, looking for inspiration either in the real world or online. I never seem to get it correct because the word forever is always come together with tattoo.

Prior to 29th October 2011, with a rather shattered life, I decided that its time to have a tattoo for real because as dramatic as it seems, the pain in the heart triumphs the pain on the body.

I chose the word "Believe" to remind me that no matter how bad things turned out to be, I had to believe that things are going to get better from there. Cliché, I know.

Of course there is also a saying that once you have your first tattoo, you never really stop at just ONE. True enough, the idea of having another tattoo creeps into my mind not long after. But again, with no inspiration and no idea, nothing was done.

One fine day, while minding my own business, I had a meaningful thought. I knew that instance what I want on me for the rest of my life and set to research on the matter. I spent the entire night researching for fonts and sizes. The very next day, Pretty Girl accompanied me to look for tattoo studio that would suit my budget. I think this whole experience traumatised her slightly as tattoo studio are never really friendly. It always comes with the mysterious and overwhelming feeling whenever you get in. But this particular studio, Evil from the Needle, in Camden, never quite have the same feeling. I would say tattoo studios in London, even Camden, is way better than the one I got my first tattoo. Perhaps its due to the very strict law.

Not only because Camden is the tattoo central in London, it was an absolute dream to get a tattoo in London, well, not exactly to mark the occasion as there is no occasion to mark and the decision was spontaneous.

While being tattooed, I texted my friend, ya, I was bored. But the sensation of being tattooed, vibration about 10000 times per second pressing against the side of the body, especially if you are skinny like me *hint hint* is so weird yet wonderful. The feeling is like someone took hold of my ribcage and vibrate 10000 times per second and the entire upper body went numb.

The pain factor? Well, its slightly more painful that the tattoo on the wrist, not to mention the vibrating sensation. There are certain part that hurts more, especially the part towards the front of the body. My favourite part of having a tattoo is the look of the tattoo immediately after your get it done, your flesh swell up, outlining the word and it stays on for a day or two. So, its like having a 3D tattoo.

And the not so fun part is the tattooed area's feeling after the tattoo. I felt like I got punched in the rib and sore like a bruise but other than that, I am absolutely loving my new tattoo and is pretty sure I will not stop there.

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