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31 Jul 2013

All it takes is the first move

Go back about 10 months ago, freshly out of work, with a rather mixed feeling and emotions, I once again embarked on a journey to the UK. With a determined heart and mind, I promised myself a different experience this time round. I did managed to tick all most of what I promised myself along with a few surprises.

Today is the day Ipek go home for good. She is the first person I talked to after arriving in the UK. First person from the same course. It started the same way I met my former roommate, Alex, 6 years ago from my undergraduate degree and had remained friends since then.

We went through the same ups and downs while doing our course. We had similar working experience background and pretty much stuck with each other throughout the year, giving each other support and help. Although we did not get close after the first semester, I still enjoyed the time we had with each other. I introduced her to weird Chinese food and spicy Korean food. She brought me to Turkish restaurants and had been my companion pretty much through the year.

Here's a few experiences that we shared together, started when the weather is crazy cold to summer, when the weather is snuggly warm. We spent Valentine's day together, we cooked for each other. She bravely tried all kinds of food I recommended and put up with me being late to our dates. I get to meet her lovely mother and get the occasional warm greetings from her family through her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together and hope she did too. I still could not believe that she went home for good and the only means of communication is via whatsapp and instagram, hopefully everything will be a breeze for her from now on and she is living the dream she dreamed of. She will be missed and I am now looking forward to see her again during December and her future wedding (my excuse to visit Turkey - its a very valid reason isn't it?).

Ipek, I wish you all the best, you had been a good friend and great companion, I am very lucky to have met you. All it takes is the first hi and I've made a (hopefully) lifelong friend.

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