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17 Jul 2013


July is always a good month. Its right in the middle of summer - good weather, happy people. Its right in the middle of the year. Its my birthday month. Its full of surprises. Good things happen during July.

I got a surprise from cousin. I met someone awesome. I got on impromptu trip. I received good news. I found my drink and most importantly, I found myself.

After 4 years in UK, I decided to visit Brighton and get it out of the way. I know i know, its a very good opportunity to travel but though Brighton is famed for the sea, its less impressive than the one I've visited at Greece. Well, Penang beaches are prettier. 

Then again, I've never been to Brighton, I would never missed an opportunity. Anyway, I hope the pictures could illustrate the entire experience better than me. 

I would say that although Brighton is a beautiful city, it didnt really amaze me. The Pavillion looks odd with a Mosque-lookalike exterior with a Chinese inspired interior (no photography allowed in there), to me its too much of everything and it looks wrong. 

Anyhow, the day is still gorgeous and people are friendly. I wouldn't go back to Brighton again but the English seaside charm is worth a short visit. 

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