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4 Jan 2013

Taking people for granted

I wanna talk about taking people for granted. This sprung into my mind when I was getting rid of my old wallet (a gift from someone in the past) & change it to a new one. I am rather a person that is reluctant to change my wallet both due to sentimental reasons & convenience reasons. But this time round, I am excited & even glad to get rid of the old wallet. This is not because the new one is from my favourite designer but because I am glad to put everything sad behind me. Not to gloat, I have Pierre & Francois. Hahaha. I am sure many of you had that experience, if you have or had a roommate, you would think that at some point, you were being taken for granted. Rarely the other way round.

I myself take people for granted. So much that someone was sick of it & decided that they had enough and call it quits. Needless to say, that person was a huge part of my life after being in my life for a "better quarter" of it. But I had took this person for granted up to an unforgivable point. I don't blame that person for giving up. I myself too gave up for a little while.

Now, I tried to be nicer to everyone though a lot of times it slipped my mind & I went back to my old self momentarily but I am trying very very hard to have less of those moments. This is because it is not fair to the person that are trying to be nice to me & love (loved) me & I had repay them with ungratefulness & did horrible things to them.

2013 will be a year where I will put this as a priority (ya ya, I know I am not really a resolution kind of person, but hey, one of my resolutions worked and I am pleased with myself). Be more patient to my mother & be nicer to everyone that matters to me (Mr Butterscotch). I learnt it the hard way, I lost someone who was important to me. Though through all that, it make me realised that I was a horrible person deep down, the mistake too taught me to be nicer to everyone else.

This is to everyone in my life. If I had ever take you for granted or will take you for granted in the future (without noticing of course), I want to sincerely apologise to you.


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