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9 Jan 2013


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Choices, is it good of bad? I am now required to make up my mind on what to study for the next half a year & be examined on it. I fear that if I chose wrongly, that was it. I sort of half hoping that we are given fixed modules & I would not have to crack my head to think about it & had the reason or opportunity to regret. I am not a person that would easily regret because one of my motto is Regretting is a disrespect to yourself. You are the one that made the decision, unless someone was holding a gun at you, forcing you to choose, there is no reason to regret. But yet again, it was important but its not only those modules that matters. I took the advise of a friend & signed up for something that I could related back to what I had done in the past, for more added value to my experience and my friend in my course said that it is the right choice if its more useful. So, I am taking advise from these 2 person & had finally decided my optional modules.

I apologise for the short post, I would like to take some time off Paris updates. Its rather boring and expected just day after day looking at pictures. Also I realised that not only my friends back in Malaysia reads my posts, there are audience from UK, US and Germany as well. As the audience are rather diverse, If you don't mind, I would like some feedbacks on what do you find interesting in my posts or rather what do you find boring? I set up a poll just next to this post, I look forward to your reply.


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